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Shakespeare Caesar Essay

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

The play of Caesar is political and so far has proven to be the most difficult play to read through in my opinion. One of the things that do confuse me throughout the acts are all the names beginning with ‘C’.
There is of course Caesar himself but in addition to him we have Cassius, Casca, Cicero and then Caesar’s wife Calpurnia. I do wonder why he might have so many characters with the initial ‘C’. Often I had to go back a few pages just to realize whose who and I find this interesting because in my creative writing class we have been taught that when writing a story you should avoid having two characters with names beginning with the same initial since it will cause confusion.
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What also struck me was his sudden shock and surrender when he realized that Brutus, his beloved friend was amongst those who opposed him and not only that but his so called friend who stabbed him.
“Et tu brute?”

To go from one thing to completely another I think this play also shows how stupid people are when gathered together in a group. We are nothing but sheep who follow a leader without question. Right after Caesar has been murdered Brutus addresses the public and explains why this cause of action was necessary everyone was jumping to their hands and feet adoring Brutus.

ALL THE PLEIBEIAN: Live, Burtus, live, live!
FIRST PLEIBEIAN: Bring him with triumph home unto his house
FOURTH PLEIBEIAN: Give him a statue with his ancestors
THIRD PLEIEBEIAN: Let him be Caesar.
FIFTH PLEIBEIAN: Caesar’s better parts Shall be crowned in Brutus (3.2.44)

But after Brutus had finished his speech it didn’t take Antony long to change their minds.

ALL THE PLEIBEIANS: We will mutiny.
FIRST PLEIBEIAN: We will burn the house of Brutus.
THIRD PLEIBEIAN: Away then! Come, seek the conspirators. (3.2.223)

And it really is amazing when you think about it how a single powerful speaker can move an entire nation and make them believe what he wants them to believe. All we have to do is look at Nazi-Germany when Hitler rose to power. He was an amazing speaker who could get anyone to listen to what he said and agree with him. We are so easily manipulated, mostly I think because we do not want to make decisions ourselves. Decision making is difficult and requires us to have an independent mind and why should we bother forming an opinion when someone can do it for us telling us what we are supposed to feel and act.

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