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Shakespeare 6 Essay

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In Hamlet, Shakespeare has created five skilfully, informative and exciting scenes. Shakespeare has introduced seven important characters including then Ghost! He has made us aware of the domestic situation in the royal family, and through the Ghosts story he has made us realize that Hamlet is a play off revenge. Hamlet plan to put on being mad also creates suspense and tension. In addition Shakespeare has established the love plot, revenge plot and the supernatural side of the story; this enables Shakespeare to be able to keep the reader’s attention! In the first scene we have also met Polonius and his family; Laertes departs from Paris but will return in a later date, to play a more ...view middle of the document...

   Shakespeare writes act one of Hamlet in such a way, that it captures the reader’s attention, and using the tools of foreshadowing, an suspense, he makes his audience urge to read on.
In scene 2, Claudious is introduced.  He is the uncle of Hamlet, and just so happens to be married to Hamlet's mother, creating a definite first impression.  Hamlet is also introduced, and the impression he gives off is that one is not to sure of his life and troubled in all areas, who is grieving his father's death, and is angry at his mother for marrying his uncle Claudious. Ophelia, Hamlet's girlfriend, and the daughter of Polonious is introduced in scene 3.  She is described as a rather affectionate individual. All throughout act one, Hamlet's dead father's ghost keeps appearing, but does not speak until scene five, where it tells Hamlet to avenge his death, and to kill his uncle Claudious.  This describes Claudious's character, of a cold blooded murderer, and leaves a vivid picture of what the ghost of King Hamlet, looks like, as a supernatural being.   This ploy for Hamlet to avenge his father's wrongful death, leads into the idea of a revenge plot.
Shakespeare continues to establish atmosphere in scene 3.  In this scene, atmosphere of a different kind is created. This scene is a family scene, in which brotherly, and fatherly advice creates an atmosphere quite different from that the appearance of the ghost and the problems of Hamlet and his relatives.  This creates an atmosphere of love, and betrayal, where Ophelia is forced to obey her father Polonius, and is told to be careful with Hamlet, as he is a prince, and will not look to marry just anyone, such as her. Shakespeare continues to develop atmosphere throughout the act, and uses the atmosphere to introduce some of the characters in the play. Shakespeare introduces some of the major characters in the play, and leaves lasting impressions of each on the reader.  Bernardo, and Francisco are introduced in the first scene, as officers watching their posts, but it is Horetio that leaves the greatest impression, as he is described as a well educated scholar, and seems to have great importance to the development of the play.
Shakespeare develops several plots in act one of Hamlet. The main three are: revenge, love, and contrast.  The revenge plot is set up by Shakespeare in scene 5. In this scene, Hamlet is made aware...

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