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Shake Me Down Essay

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It is human nature to express hate for a person, food, or almost anything. However is hate a natural feeling such as love, or is it an acquired characteristic that we learn from our surroundings? We are born into the world not knowing how to react, feel, or express emotion. We learn to love our mothers or our favorite toy and to hate the feel of diaper rash or loud noises. Why is it that when we grow older we learn to turn love in passion and hate in pure loathe and rage. Perhaps it because love and hate is ultimately a feeling that evolves through experience of society In Andrew Sullivan’s New York Times Article “ What’s So Bad About Hate?” The question of whether making laws of morality ...view middle of the document...

The emotion of hate is instilled in us when we encounter a situation that may trigger rage or grief. Is it possible to premeditate hate in one’s mind to create such a storm of loathe and aversion? The feelings of hatred sometimes can lead to acts of destruction of property, and the physical violence of humans because of bias and strong dislike. In September 2012 a gay Rutgers University student named Tyler Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bride after being harassed publicly through a webcam by his homophobic roommate. (Kaminer) His death sparked a national outrage focusing the discrimination and hate of the LGBT community. The roommate, Dharun Ravi, was found guilty of invasion of privacy but not for the death of Tyler. “Prosecutors said Mr. Ravi, motivated by antigay sentiment, an intentionally set out to embarrass Mr. Clementi” (Kaminer). Hate fueled Dharun Ravi’s homophobia which led to a series of unfortunate events. It is possible that Ravi was raised with the moral values that homosexuality was not normal, or a sin. Maybe Ravi had a personal bias of homosexuals because he struggled with his own identity or he was raised with homophobic ideals taught by family or society. The final verdict of the case was not classified in any form of a hate crime. In fact in an article published two years after the tragic death of Clementi the subject of “ hate” was not mentioned once throughout the text. When reading the article it is clear that there was a bias and discrimination towards Tyler Clementi. However the bias and discrimination was not considered an act of hate. Rhavi’s general misanthropy is out of the normal range of someone who is temporally spiteful out of anger or annoyance.” Hate, like much of human feeling, is not rational, but it usually has its reasons. And it cannot be understood, let alone condemned, without knowing them.” (Sullivan) His actions were not an act of simply not get along with his roommate. In general public’s opinion Rhavi’s actions were considered as immoral and hateful but according to the morals of law they were not. The public’s opinion may be the popular opinion however the judgement of the more powerful law is what rules. Rhavi’s hate was not addressed enough when discussing the degrees of immorality. It is clear that hate and immorality are linked.
As a human develops throughout the course of their life they create their own sets of values and morals. In Pinker’s article, The Moral Instinct, the concept of Morality is considered. “goodness that gives each of us the sense that we are worthy human beings.” ( Pinker). It is what people rely on to tell the difference between right and wrong or what is consider injust. It is considered that people with a strong sense of morals become the people who make rational decisions in situations such as a doctor dealing with life or death, or sentencing a criminal in court. Judging the degrees of immorality could simply consider ...

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