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Shadowing In The Employment World Essay

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1. Reflect and describe what you might learn by job shadowing that will make you a stronger candidate to enter the business world.

The specific benefits of work shadowing vary by situation. Shadowing already is a staple of the educational system’s outreach efforts, providing students with opportunities to see what the work world, its industries and its occupations are all about. Students who shadow employees also get an idea of the expectations
employers place on their workers and can sample corporate culture. When they open their doors to student shadowers, businesses aspiring to attract future workers find that job shadowing programs help them make inroads into educational institutions and provide opportunities to foster vocational interest and relationships
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Pre-hire shadowing arrangements can give job candidates a clearer idea of the realities of positions for which they’ve applied, while also demonstrating how an organization follows through on its employee value proposition. Employers can use the shadowing option to support their selection process, boosting the likelihood that a candidate will understand and match not only the job, but also the organizational culture. (Morrison, 2010)
The companies I would choose would be a financial or accounting firm such as (Find Firm)
4. Discuss what skills you feel you need to develop or further develop to be able to have a productive Mentor/Mentee relationship.
You should at least have the basic skill in order to have a productive relationship. Then you could learn as you go on.

5. Explain how this experience of shadowing a mentor might impact your professional, educational and personal development plans.

I never heard of job shadowing until this class. I think it would be a great idea I will definitely have to look in to it. I would learn how to be a better employee in the field that I am. I will also learn some skills that a book will not be able to teach me. I feel that the hands on experience will also be a great asset for me. Sometimes the way we think a job or a field is may not be what we thought. It will be a good thing to do to find out if it is a field that you would really want to go into. Job shadowing programs can be an advantage the employee as well as the employer. You never know because have trained their way and know the way they operate you might just get hired.

Morrison, C. (2010, 09 04). Me and My Shadow. Retrieved 12 20, 2011, from Talent Management:

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