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Sfd Public Communications Plan Essay

1855 words - 8 pages

Guidelines to Improve Public Awareness of the Services Offered by the Sedona Fire District

Jayson Coil
Battalion Chief, Sedona Fire District

DRAFT manuscript

Submitted to
Assistant Chief Terry Keller

April 14, 2010
Guidelines to Improve Public Awareness of the Services Offered by the Sedona Fire District
Why We Are Unique
The Sedona Fire District cannot be accurately compared with most rural or urban fire departments in the nation. Although we provide the same core services, we also provide a level of expertise above and beyond most agencies. Our unique environment requires we be proficient in swiftwater rescue, high angle rescue, wildland fire, and other disciplines not ...view middle of the document...

There are slightly more women than there are men. Many of the residents enjoy active lifestyles. Businesses in the area are heavily dependent on tourism. The ability to demonstrate our value to both of these groups is essential. Residents need to understand how the services we offer benefit them and much of those benefits come from our ability to get there quickly. Business owners need to recognize the value our level of service provides them in terms of reduced insurance rates. They also need to recognize how important it is to be able to provide service for the tourists that frequent their establishments. If tourists feel unsafe they will be less likely to visit. The internet can be used to spread praise or stories of poor service and delayed responses. Also, through the ineffective management of a large fire, we can ruin the reasons visitors come to Sedona.

The Benefits of What We Offer
This section should include a synopsis of each discipline, the annual training it requires, the benefits to the community (remember your target audiences) and an anecdotal story regarding the discipline and its value to the end user.
Structural Firefighting –
Wildland Firefighting–
Swiftwater Rescue -
Helicopter Rescue –
High Angle Rescue –
Hazardous Materials Technicians –
Confined Space/Collapse Rescue –
Engine Company Inspections
Public Education -
CRM Inspections -
Fire Based Dispatch –
Positioning of Services
In order for our organization to be successful, we need to take a position on service and defend it. People need to know what we have to offer and how it is valuable to them. We need to build brand recognition for SFD and define what it is we want to be known as.
Communicating with the Public
In order for our effeorts to be successful we need to create an environment where people care about us before they need us. Looking back at the most recent NAU survey, people that have used our services had nothing but good things to say about us. In order for our marketing to be successful, we need to make sure even the people who have not used our service recognize there is value in supporting our organization. Here are some of the methods we can use to accomplish this:
Press releases – we need to be providing frequent updates to media outlets regarding our emergency responses and the events we do annually. Swiftwater training, fuels reduction, annual wildland refresher, and burn building training are just some of the examples of the events we need to provide press releases for. There are free wire services that can be used to get our message out. Some examples are PR Wire, PR Web, and free press release. Are we using these?
Facebook (FB) – Social media is becoming more and more mainstream. Does SFD have a Facebook page? If so, how often is it updated and is the content interesting?
Twitter – Another social media outlet that is free. The benefit of twitter and the sending of Tweets...

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