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Sexuality Research Essay

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Sexuality Research Paper

The question of sexuality is on that needs that needs thorough analysis in order to determine the implication brought about by the depiction of sex and sexuality through the use of print media. The depiction of human sexuality can be separated into two parts, male and female sexuality. These two forms vary according to the differences in the gender of the persons involved.
The main objective of this paper is to study, keenly, the research methods used in two literatures, and to provide an analysis of the literatures on sexual imagery. The two literatures were compiled by different people to show how various forms of male and female ...view middle of the document...

The key benefit of this approach was that it provided the identity of the two accounts for male and female sexuality. The first one is that men are posed as having stronger sex need, and for this reason, they get aroused easily and get satisfied easily too. Women on the other side are deemed as needing. The insinuation here is that they need to develop sex skills in order to satisfy their men.
It is also found that the determinant that accounts for performance pleasure and ego in the men is the concern they have about women. Men are sensitive and get disturbed about their sexual performance, if they think that they have certain inadequacies.
Women’s magazines are abundantly filled with advice that women can heed to in order to improve their sexual practice, as such, these magazines are often and popularly used to carry out analysis foe feminist takes about sex and sexuality (Fravid and Braun (2006)).
The disadvantages of the content analysis that was carried out is that it tended to lean more on the sexuality pleasures and preferences of different people and ignored a whole lot of other issues that affect the sexuality of different individuals.
Search strategy:
To get the required information, a search strategy was employed where items in the two magazines were studied to provide information regarding the sexuality of women. To make the study comprehensive, six issues of each magazine were used to acquire information (Fravid and Braun (2006)).
Criteria for selection:
The magazines that were used had also been studied for over three decades to ensure that, the desired sexuality issues are covered fully in the chosen magazines. The Cosmo magazines is described as being egalitarian and having emancipated sex, so that the female figures appearing in the magazine are not viewed as objects of sex. It has created a fun and fearless female picture that represents a desirable feminine sexuality.
Extraction of data:
The two magazines that were used are similar in terms of content and the scope they cover. They also target the same audience, which are young ladies. The content that is covered is deemed as being sexually liberating and covering topics that affect men as well. Cosmo and Cleo magazines were also picked because of their depiction of male sexuality which also affects, females to a large extent.
Is it a Quantitative/ Qualitative:
The kind of data covered in the magazines can be described as being qualitative, because it focuses on the intensity and value of sexuality, not the numbers of people opposed to or for the information. Sex is talked about as being either bad or good and not how much (Fravid and Braun (2006)).
What are the Limitations:
The limitation of the magazines in the research is that they only cover a small section of sexuality from all other magazines issues that talk about the same. They mostly dwell on how males and females prefer sex and what they like. Other factors affecting sexuality are not discussed in...

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