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Sexuality Problem And Possible Explanations Essay

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Mr. and Ms. Albert: Problems of Premature Ejaculation
17th Dec. 2012

This paper reviews the problem of a couple who is experiencing premature ejaculation problems. Psychological ejaculation theories and treatment interventions are considered. Mr. Albert’s possible negative psychological effect is looked at as well as his partner’s. Successful psychological interventions are discussed that could minimize the problem of rapid ejaculation. Combined pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy are found to be the most effective in minimizing the problems of rapid ejaculation and psychological obstacles that arise from the problem. It is highlighted that the psychotherapeutic intervention, ...view middle of the document...

Albert reaches orgasm either immediately upon entering his wife’s vagina or within one or two strokes, and this meets the criteria of premature ejaculation (Serefoglu, Cimen, Atmaca, & Balbay, 2010). As their problem has been happening every single time they engage in intercourse, Masters, Johnson and Kolodny (1994) stated that this is named premature or rapid ejaculation. Also, Mr. Albert does not have any control over when he ejaculates, which is another sign of premature ejaculation (Kaplan, 1974).
Mr. Albert’s wife herself has no problems with becoming sexually aroused, and she believes that intercourse is the only method she could reach orgasm. This has resulted in Ms. Albert avoiding any mention of their problematic situation as she believes that rage would take over her, preventing her from properly expressing her feelings to Mr. Albert. For that reason, they have never tried other sexual techniques for pleasing each other and Ms. Albert completely blames Mr. Albert for his inability to control his ejaculation. Equally, it has been difficult for Mr. Albert to discuss his problem with his wife, because of the intense feeling of guilt and inadequacy he has. Communication is clearly lacking between Mr. and Ms. Albert, and so unresolved conflicts arise, further increasing both their stress levels.
It is hypothesized that psychological factors are associated with Mr. Albert’s premature ejaculation. The problem is believed to be related to his previous experiences as a child. Specifically, Mr. Albert may have become accustomed to masturbating rapidly to avoid getting caught as a child because maybe masturbation was frowned upon by his parents. He also had a very demanding father, which may have contributed to the issue. Therefore, if during the first time he encountered sex he felt pressured to perform quickly, this could be the reason for rapid ejaculation now.
If Mr. and Ms. Albert were to come and have a counseling session the question that would be addressed would be how Mr. Albert felt when he was younger and discovered his sexuality. Most boys usually experience their first ejaculation from a wet dream or masturbation. Conditioned rapid ejaculation is promoted by both personal and early sexual encounters, where foreplay may also be responsible for rapid ejaculation (Masters et al., 1994). Personal masturbatory experiences may be highly connected with Mr. Albert’s demanding father. It is likely that when he was a boy he had to speed up his ejaculation so that he would not get caught by any family members in the act. Therefore, talking about how Mr. Albert felt about his sexuality may help to identify a possible explanation for the condition.
The second question that arises is if Mr. Albert is anxious about something that has not been brought to the fore yet. Anxiety may contribute to Mr. Albert’s rapid ejaculation, such as performance anxiety, and excessively focusing on pleasing his partner...

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