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Sexual Views Essay

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The views that I had before entering the first few lectures of this Human Sexuality class and reading upon the few articles given by Daley has definitely changed. The subject relating to sex did not always give me a comfortable vibe. But I’ve come to realize that sex is topic that all humans should be able to comfortably discuss about. I mean, we all think about sex since the day we first heard about such inappropriate stories. Sex had this mysterious thing about it that made everyone curious, which also could be the reason why daring teenagers engage in sex at such a young age. Due to things like morality, economy, religion and politics, sex has been suppressed from society and looked ...view middle of the document...

During the 2nd millennium AD, humans began to grasp the link between pregnancy and pleasurable sex. The roles of males and females began the fluctuate correlating to the knowledge they had about sex. When females in the 2nd millennium found out the connection, they felt empowered because they had the power to set forth evolution and deliver human life. But as knowledge flourished, the males began to learn that their penis ejaculated semen, an obviously substance that is mandatory for new life. Now began a change in power, and male dominance began its reign which came to be called the Neolithic Revolution. My viewpoint on the dominance of sex is inevitably biased but if I attempt to put my shoes in others such as my Friday group’s, I am able to see that all humans want power and independence. Who do I think should have more power in the decision of a sexual intercourse? Well, I believe in chivalry so believe that women should have more power. To put myself in their shoes, their burden to hold a baby for so long in their stomach and to release such a large object out of their womb is by far unbelievable. I give a lot of respect to women for that and I truly believe that they deserve it. Although in reality, men still have the upper hand in society. It is just how it is that men will always be the stronger figure in relationships. But who knows, maybe one day us humans will change and become like ants. Ants worship their queen who delivers the babies and the males find the food for them. So in conclusion, the topics in this class have made me more conformable with my sexuality and more comfortable with others discussing the forbidden topic of sex.

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