Sexual Predator Essay

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Sexual Predator
The state of Indiana passed a law known as Zachary’s law. Zachary Snider was a ten year old who lived in Cloverdale, Indiana. He was molested and then murdered by a next door neighbor who was previously convicted of child molesting. Sexually oriented offenses are for many the worst in our society, and they need to carry with them heavy punishments
A sexual offender is a person who has been found guilty on a charge relating to a sexual offence. A sexual predator is a person who engages in sexually exploitative behavior, including such actions as stalking, grooming, voyeurism, or sexual harassment. Many of them have been known to premeditate and use deceptive techniques to ...view middle of the document...

If an individual is convicted of a sexual crime, then they will have to abide by the regulations of the state they live in.
“There is the sex offender registries that were only open to state and local law enforcement. It was because of Megan’s Law allowed for the sex offender registries to be party open to the public. All sex or violent offenders are required to notify the local law enforcement authority (in Allen County this means The Allen County Sheriff's Department) within 3 days of any change in principal address, employment, schooling, or any other change in their required registration information” (Sex Offender Registry, 2013).
There is also the satellite tracking program “Brennan stresses that satellite tracking (or GPS) tracking of offenders gives law enforcement and community-supervision authorities the ability to monitor an offender's movements anywhere in the country, enforce curfews, and impose and monitor exclusion zones” (Brennan, 2006, par.1). An offender was released from prison, and was diagnosed as being a pedophile, he also liked boys that were under age. “In fact, for several years the offender had been hospitalized after the court found grounds to commit him as a sexual psychopath” (Brennan, 2006, p.5).
The offender was prohibited from having any contact with children. He was also required to sex-offender treatment program, and also given 120 days in a halfway house.

Sexual Predator
Every state has a different definition for sexual assaults. Prisons today are full of child molesters, and with no physical evidence against them. My opinion is this, medical treatments of sexual offenders has been debated for years. What might seem appropriate for sex offenders is castration. A medical treatment program, or there is always Chemical Castration, which is seen as a cruel and usual punishment. It is the rights of the children to be safe that matters. Juries need to be able to send away sex offenders for good. There needs to be more laws about how close a sexual offender can live by a school, or place in which children play. It is also become common knowledge that community figures that we have grown to respect such as teachers, lawyers, and...

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