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Sexual Decision Making Essay

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Part A, Section 2
• Both young men and young women can make their own decisions about sex.
• It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, if you had sex in the past or if you haven’t.
• All teenagers can their own decisions about what is right for them.
• As you learned in the first PHE workshop, Decision Making and Communication I, a person can use the 5 C’s to make a decision.
• So we’re going to do a small activity. I’m going to need five volunteers.
• Okay, so can you guys put the five C’s in the correct order?
o Identify my Choices
o Understand the Consequences (Both positive and negative)
o Decide what I Care About
o Carry out the Decision
o Communicate that Decision to Others
• Thank you all for ...view middle of the document...

o A person can experience the pleasure of sex.
o A person can get pregnant.
o A person can give or get an STI if they have vaginal sex.
o A person can share love with a partner.
o A person may regret having sex.
• So what are some consequences of not having sex? Keep in mind that these also can be positive or negative.
o A person will not experience the pleasure of sex.
o A person will not get pregnant.
o A person will most likely not give or get an STI.
o A person may feel pressure to have sex.
o A person will be able to wait to make the decision to have sex.
• So now that we’ve reviewed some of the possible consequences, what are some examples of what a person might care about that would affect his or her decision to have or not have sex? (Keep in mind that what a person cares about is personal, so there is no right or wrong answer)
o A person may make the decision to not have sex in order to graduate. A person may not want to affect their chances of graduating on time.
o A person may make the decision to have sex because they are ready to include sex in their relationship.
• Even though the 5 C’s are an effective tool to decide whether or not to have sex, we understand that the decision is still a difficult one to make. So, now we will discuss why that decision may be so difficult to make.

Part A, Section 3
• So as we learned in the beginning of the workshop, we learned the 5 C’s, which are:
o Identify my Choices
o Understand my Consequences
o Decide What I Care About
o Carry Out the Decision
o Communicate that Decision to Others
• So for this section, we are going to focus on Communicating that Decision to Others.
• So please turn to

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