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Sexual And Gender Identity, Personality, And Eating Disorders

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Sexual and Gender Identity, Personality, and Eating Disorders Outline

1. Sexual and Gender Identity
a. Categorized as just that, sexual and gender identity disorders
b. Some classifications include gender identity disorder, sexual dysfunctions, and paraphilia’s
c. Biological contributions include physical disease, medical illness, prescribed medications, use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs
d. Emotional patterns of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships, emotional instability, identity ...view middle of the document...

Personality Disorders
a. Categorized by how an individual relates to the world
b. Some classifications include antisocial personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder
c. Biologically; genetics are responsible for personality (a connection between genetics and personality traits)
d. Emotional components reflect on a disruptive childhood
e. Cognitively, childhood experiences shape thought patterns in which it later becomes the individuals personality
f. Behavioral wise, individuals act out their beliefs although the behavior is self-obstruct
3. Eating Disorders
a. Categorized as uncontrolled eating and/ or starvation
b. Some classifications include anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
c. Biological components include brain abnormalities
d. Emotionally, individuals react to the high expectations set by society
e. Cognitively, individuals may have a misrepresented body image, distorted thoughts of themselves, or may be extremely afraid of gaining weight
f. Behavioral components include starvation, fasting, purging, use of laxatives, and/ or excessive exercising

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