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Sexism Research And Resources Essay

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Homework for Thursday, 2/6-14: Sexism Research and Resources

1. What is the difference between Benevolent Sexism and Hostile Sexism?

"Hostile sexism," which involves negative feelings toward women
"Benevolent sexism," a knight-in-shining armor ideology that offers protection and affection to women who conform to traditional gender roles (e.g., cute girlfriend, obedient wife, etc.)
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For example, people with high levels of hostile sexism are more likely than others to hold negative stereotypes about career women, and they express attitudes that are more tolerant of sexual harassment and spousal abuse of women.

2. Which one do you think is more dangerous? Why?

I think the Hostil sexsism is more dangerous than benevolent sexism, because it assumes that the person has negative thoughts about women. When you have negative thoughts whether it's a person or something else, it is easier to perform "evil" actions. It does not necessarily say that a person who goes under the category of hostile sexism must commit sexual abuses like rape. But I personally believe that it is easier to do something stupid to people you have a negative thought about.

3. How did the wording of the questions in the ASI affect your responses? Do you think that if they had been worded differently your responses would have been more definitive? Think about it...

Absolutely. The way a question is asked influences and delegates the response of the person who was asked the question.

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