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Sexism Essay

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Sexism, Language and Society

In this paper, I will write about my point of view of how society changes language in order to become sexist refers to discrimination against women.
Since a long time ago, women were treated with discrimination by men and society because of their attitudes. In society, it is possible to say that women are known as the weaker sex, men are the stronger sex. Sometimes sexist language can offend people but the issue is that people, especially men, are free to use language in an ...view middle of the document...

Women are not maids, women are also part of the society and they can do and say whatever they want.
Another example of how language is being changed by society is when men say uncomfortable phrases or words to a woman. There are many men that used animal words to refer a women or a kind of food to say bad things. Women are treated as sex symbol evenmore when a woman has beautiful attributes. Men use offensive words to say that this woman is beautiful; they think this is the way to love or pretend a woman. Language sometimes is seen an art of communication but not at all, because in the same way language can damage others.
As human, we can change the way of how to say something without affecting others, language can be sexist but the key is how to use it. In my opinion, the language is changing as a result of how society is acting. If we permit offensive words in our culture or society, those words will be transferred to ours generations and then it will be impossible to change it. Women should be respected and not treated sexuality symbol the weak sex, women are such intelligent and strong as men, and may be stronger than them.

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