Sex Is Everywhere Essay

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Promiscuity in Today’s Youth
Misty Rowlett
PHI107 Philosophy of Human Conduct
Dr. Eszter Barra-Johnson
October 25, 2010
Ashford University

Today’s youth is being thoroughly corrupted just by us living in our society and accepting the way that it is. Teen pregnancy has dropped in the last 30 years, but is still higher than any other country. Why are girls allowed to dress like grown women? Especially, when it allows men to look at them the way they would a woman. We spend tons of money on preventing teen pregnancy and lowering teen sex period, but are in constant battle with everything else to teach teens that sex is not the only thing that matters, it is not what ...view middle of the document...

So that entails them being taught to take care of themselves. The point I am getting at is the type of clothes that are being marketed to today’s little girls. Even our 7 and 8 year old girls have provocative clothes being sent their way. They want to look all grown up, when really they should just be looking like little girls. We shouldn’t be teaching them to be on the lookout for Ken so early. Don’t they have more to live for? I read in an article, “more and more children these days have become interested in shopping with their parents for clothing that appeals to them. In the past, little girls would wear anything that their parents purchased for them without thinking about the present fashion trends that surrounded them on a daily basis.” (Little Girls Clothes Emphasize Beauty and Originality, By John Yao) As a parent, my little girl should look pretty, and yet still like a little girl. There is definitely some point to parent’s picking out the clothes. If little girls clothes are fashioned after “what’s in style”, then they are obviously hoping to mimic our paper thin models that wear clothes most women couldn’t ever put on, and clothes that aren’t even appropriate for a little girl’s age. This only attracts unnecessary attention from men that a little girl shouldn’t be getting.
Men and a girl’s clothes
If a girl is dressing on a level more suitable to a woman; don’t you think that this could be quite a bit disturbing for a man? Step into a man’s shoes (if you are not one), and think about it for a moment. You of course are attracted to women. So when a child walks by that looks like she may be a woman how do you know whether you are allowed to notice her as a man does a woman? Of course, I am not talking about a 6 year old. I am talking about a girl that happens to have a body that grew faster than she did. Maybe a girl that is about 13, but dressed in the wrong kind of clothes, looks like a grown woman. Men aren’t very good at guessing a girl or woman’s age, so when it comes down to it, doesn’t this increase the chance of underage sex, rape, and really a whole list of things that none of us want to happen.
Boys and Girls
I feel sorry for kids in school. They are incredibly pressured by the media, their peers, and are really just very confused. Boys since the beginning of time have been pressured to have sex. They were expected to sow their oats and what not, and yet completely different for girls. Girls were supposed to be untouched and untainted. Now it is very different because of the whole sexual revolution of the ‘60’s that was supposed to empower us women, and make us sexually liberated. One woman who became a prostitute tells Walter: "I believed what everyone said, that all this promiscuous sex was so empowering." (Jessica Valenti, The Observer, Sunday 31 January 2010.) Is this really what we want our youth to believe? Is that sex is empowering. When...

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