Sex In The Media Essay

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Marnice Thomas
Mass Communications 101-5XB

Sex in the Media and Its Effects on Teens
The mainstream media portrays sex in a way that permanently scars many teens before their teen years are over. Sex can be portrayed as the way to attain status and happiness in life. Advertisements still use sex to sell products, maybe more than ever.
As a society, we are more aware than ever of the danger of sexually transmitted diseases. Yet teens are bombarded with sexually explicit images as if STDs were something that only happened to other people. It is not ...view middle of the document...

Rarely does the romantic appeal contain the blatant sexual messages that appear in ads aimed at men since such messages would counter the intellectual view .Although an ad may use a man’s body as an attention getting device, he is usually shown in a romantic context versus sexual context. The use of sex in advertising is a two-edged sword. Although it is extremely powerful and effective when aimed at one gender, it often does so at the social expense of the other.

Does TV make kids want to have sex? Well, maybe. In one study, 3 out of 4 teens said the fact that TV shows and movies make it seem normal for teenagers to have sex is one reason they have sex. The media is filled with images that are sexually exciting, but it rarely follows up with information about how to deal with those feelings. One goal of the media is to entertain us. Another is to sell us things like ideas that say (all teens are having sex) and products your teen needs in order to be sexy. The media is a construction of reality, which means that it is something based on reality but given a spin. Many people are disappointed when they find out that TV sex is quite different from real life sex, especially when you are a teenager. TV stars are acting after having read a script and being told how to do the love scene. Your average teenager is clueless. The most frustrating thing about sex in the media is that it usually does not have any real consequences. Actors finish their work and they go home. They do not get pregnant. They do not get sexually transmitted diseases, and they do not really get their hearts broken, like most of our teens once they start to have sex.

The changes in media representations of sex and sexuality over the past fifty years are astonishing and no longer forced to portray husbands and wives sleeping in separate beds, and scenes of sexuality not shown or quietly inferred. Sex in the mass media, is becoming increasingly free, advertisers have come to the realization that “sells sales”.
How Much sexual content...

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