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Sex Education In Schools Essay

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Amber Dahlke, A woman who is trying to find the solution and the power to encourage the government to agree with “comprehensive sex education”, makes a very great statement in her essay. She provides the information to show her views, she has pointed out in great detail, why “comprehensive sex education” is a better idea than going with “abstinence sex education”. She also lists a lot of detailed sources that help her claim and make her points agreeable and understandable, she also provides what could happen if students in public schools were not taught proper sex education, they could end up with tragic sexual transmitted diseases because of their actions.
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However, pregnancy, abortion and out of wedlock births have been rising for the older age group, between 19-25, a group that has not been targeted by abstinence programs.”(O’Brien).

Dahlke says that “comprehensive sex education” is better than “abstinence only” because of the following reasons I stated before, but this recent survey that is provided, shows that there were errors on the beliefs that “comprehensive sex education” is a safer way than abstinence. I find this very interesting and I have always thought that “comprehensive sex education” was always the safest way to be properly taught about sex education. This goes to show how you can never be too sure about a certain idea that you believe to be good.
Dahlke later points out on her essay that “the number of unwed pregnant teens in the united states has risen twice as much than any other industrialized western country”(Koch). I found this part of her essay rather interesting and researched up the source to find out more information, I looked it up and saw a graph that shows that males have more premarital sex than females, I thought this was really strange and thought then how could the percentage of unwed woman risen up if they are the ones that have less sex than males?
Dahlke points out one more favor statement for her support on “comprehensive sex education” and she explains that “teenagers as a class contract sexually transmitted diseases at the second highest rate in the United States; every fourth teenager is infected with a sexually transmitted disease by the age of twenty-one” She also points out that “The number of HIV/AIDS infections among teenagers is rapidly rising and that new variations of sexually transmitted diseases are targeting teenagers as well”(DeCarlo). The problem with this though is that in the same source it points out “Since infection may occur up to 10 years before an AIDS diagnosis, most of those people were infected with HIV either as adolescents or pre-adolescents.”(DeCarlo). So it sums up that the students could have sexually transmitted diseases even before they are born and could be infected without even having sex, and anyways, it would take 10 years until an actual AIDS diagnosis.

Throughout her essay, Dahlke claims that “comprehensive sex education courses show that teenagers are postponing sexual activity and reducing their numbers of sexual partners dramatically” (Koch). I have to argue with that statement, because on that same exact...

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