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Sex Education Essay

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The topic of sex is, "one of the least examined issues of current American politics," (Paglia, 1995). Walking down the street, the topic of sex is not something that comes up very often yet it is a thing that occurs often. Why is this the case? Despite declines in rates of teen pregnancy in the U.S., about 820,000 teens become pregnant each year" (Family First). The U.S. spends about $7 million on teenage pregnancy every year. It is clear that proper education of sex is lacking both in homes and in schools, but whose job is it to teach children about sex? In this paper, these question will be explored by taking a look at the history of sex education in schools, sex education in the family, ...view middle of the document...

School programs on sex ought be like that of Dwight Morrow High School where they spend eight weeks on sex education. At Dwight Morrow High School it is believed that "sex education is not mere "biology" as taught in high school science courses that ignore students questions and decision they must needs to be viewed as part of the totality of behavior; as element of human relationships that calls for meaningful communication; part of the life cycle in which development at each stage is related to earlier states; a learned behavior which accounts for wide individual, socioeconomic, and cultural variations in expression." (Brick, 1981). This is what children be ought to learning in order to gain a proper understanding of sex. There are so many questions that go unanswered for children and they still do not always have the appropriate resources to find their answers, even within their own families.
Many opponents of sex education in schools are parents who believe that sex is something that should be taught at home. However, in many families, especially in the United States because of the diversity, it is not a topic that is addressed. In many homes, children do not receive a "sex talk" and they discouraged from even dating and communicating with the opposite sex because of cultural or religious values. A study conducted in 2007 asking parents about their communication with their children showed that although many parents, "believed that it is important to talk to their children about sex and believed that doing so can be effective, but many had not done so," (Wilson et al., 2010). This seems to be a major problem because when children in these families grow up and get are looking to get married they often find a lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to even a basic understanding of
sex. This cycle goes on and on throughout generation because each one does not know how to communicate about this topic with their children because they themselves have not been educated. For many parents, talking to their own children about sex is not easy, especially when they have been raised not to talk about such a subject but it is something that they must face in order to protect their children. In this day and age, not discussing sex is not an option for guarding children from learning about sex or from engaging in it for that matter.
There are so many reasons why schools and families need to work together to educate their children about sex. For schools and other sex education programs, they need to change or add to the curriculum. Aside from just covering the basics of safe sex and abstinence, topics like sexuality and pregnancy and much more should be discussed as well. With the ever-growing concern for teen pregnancies, homosexuality (the LGBTQ community), rape, domestic violence, and more, even young children need to be informed. It does not matter as much what people's opinions on such topics are but these subject matters need to...

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