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Sex Ed Persuasive Essay

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Schools should teach comprehensive sexual education because it is more effective than abstinence only programs. In today’s world it is impossible for us to keep sex out of our children’s lives. They see it on TV. They hear about it from school peers. The consequences of choosing to not teach our children safe practices will include sexual transmitted diseases, personal angst, and unwanted pregnancies. It is time for us to try a new approach. We need a change in the educational system to see a change in our children.
A major concern in the topic of teaching sexual education in schools is that it will cause an increase in sexual behavior. To teach safe practice is not telling a teen that ...view middle of the document...

In fact, for those parents who believe in abstinence, some studies suggest that students who were taught comprehensive sex education actually were more likely to hold off on having sex than those who only received the traditional abstinence only education in school. (Mckeon, 2006)
It is understandable how some parents could think the best way to protect our children from becoming sexually active too soon is to pretend it doesn’t exist. Out of sight out of mind, right? Wrong! The world today teaches its own message of sex all around us. Teenagers will learn about having sex from movies, TV shows, peers, and siblings. Chances are what they hear is not what we would choose to tell them about sex. Today’s media makes it seem as if it is not something to be considered responsibly. The popular TV show Two and a Half Men teaches that it is cool to indulge in casual sex and that no bad ramifications will come from it. Even worse, popular shows like Teen Mom or sixteen and pregnant actually condone irresponsible behavior. If we do not teach our children comprehensive sexual education, this will be the only thing they know about sex. We need to counteract this with a professional explaining the risk and dangers involved. Movies, TV shows and peers won’t teach young teens the importance of safety and the spread of STDs. It is dangerous for our children to be ignorant to these aspects of becoming sexually active. If they aren’t taught otherwise, what is to keep a kid from believing the things they hear older sexually active students say; false statements like “you can’t get pregnant your first time or if you’re on top.” That ignorance is how young kids find them with an unwanted pregnancy.
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