Sex Change Complicates Battle Over Child Custody

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Sex Change Complicates Battle Over Child Custody

Florida state law does not recognize same sex marriage. In this case, the law had no way of proving whether or not Michael Kantaras is a man or a woman, since having a female to male sex change. Depending on this, it will decide whether or not he (pending on decision) will be able to keep custody of his adopted children. If society had not let technology surpass their conventional thinking and laws, this case would be easier to decide, or at least not pending on the sex of Mr./Mrs. Kantaras. If Florida law, and that of other places, had thought about all the consequences of technology, such a case as this never would have come to be so ...view middle of the document...

Those who believed she should be fired sided with Raymond's view, that having been a male, Stone had an advantage in being brought up to be competitive. Stone fought for her rights though. She believes that even though there may be the benefits of male privilege there are so many other things that put her at a disadvantage as a transsexual. Transsexuals face much adversity from others because they are "different." They have to deal with issues within themselves to find their identity. She says that people face problems with schizophrenia, displaying aspects of both male and female characteristics/traits. She also explains what she calls as pass sight. She defines passing as "to live successfully in the gender of choice, to be accepted as a "natural" member of that gender (334). Since most transsexuals choose to change their sex after a good forty years of their lives, they have to erase a considerable amount of their history. They do not have the benefits of experiencing what those of the opposite sex have experienced. Transsexuals have to overcome many obstacles and therefore are able to relate well to the newly obtained sex.

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Psychiatrist, Dr. Sanford Lewin, took on a female persona on a CompuServe chat line. His reason for doing so was because he saw how women relate and share more personal information amongst themselves. He reasoned that if he were to act like a woman, more women would confide in him and he would be able to put his skills to help others. Seems like a novel idea, right? Well, he...

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