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Sex Essay

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What is Sex?

Sex, to put it simply, it is when the male's penis goes into the woman's vagina. It is how humans can help the human race continue. It seems so simple, but there are so many other views and perceptions of sex.

Many people see sex as a form of pleasure, which it is, but nothing else. Other people have morals and values, and want to for it to be special, for example, when they get married. Many people think that when you make love to someone, you are giving a part of you to someone else. This is one thing that parents cannot teach their children, they have to learn about it first hand.

Peer pressure plays a major part in the influence of teens having sex. People think it is ...view middle of the document...

Pregnancy for teens is their biggest fear of having sex. There are 13 000 teen pregnancies every year. Out of all of these pregnancies, 50% choose abortion, 20% choose single parenting, 15% eliminate marriage, and 12-13% choose to get married. Even thought there are so many teen pregnancies per year, it has decreased by half since the 1970s. Teen pregnancies can result in haemorrhage (hard to control bleeding), damaged cervix, preterm birth, and/or infertility. Out of all of these possibilities, these are only the physical complications.

Psychological problems from sex are guilt and depression. After they have sex they can feel guilty for being or making their partner pregnant. Also, depression can make you feel bad about yourself, especially if you become sexually attracted to someone and they leave you.

Some of the consequences for having a baby in your teens are that once the baby has been born, the father it could be asked to pay an amount for the baby for the rest of their life. This could seriously damage their own life, without having enough money to have another child of their own.

There are many different methods of minimising pregnancy; the 'pill', Depo Provera (an injection which stops pregnancy for three months), the emergency contraception pill, and condoms. Condoms are not 100% safe. Even though there is a chance of them slipping or breaking, they are still the best way to prevent pregnancy without the use of drugs.

There is no such thing as safe sex. Abstinence from sex is the only way to be 100% safe.

Physical Risks & Consequences - STD's

As said before, sex is never 100% safe. Along with the risk of pregnancy, there is always the fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease/infection. Not all STD's or STI's are fatal, some cause mild genital irritation like pubic lice (crabs), but some can't be cured, for example herpes, and they will affect your life.

The only way to prevent contracting is to be abstinent from sex, this means that you don't partake in any sexual intercourse. A method of reducing the risk of catching an STD is to use a condom. This is a piece of thin latex or plastic that is worn on the male's penis during intercourse. Latex condoms have been known to work the best with a water-bases lubricant, which can help in preventing the risk of breaking. Latex will reduce the risk of contracting an STD in vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Even though it reduces the risk of contracting an STD, it still fails (breaks or slips) with about 15 in 100 couples.

There is also a female condom, which is used in the opposite way of the male. It is a plastic pouch with rings at each end and it is inserted deep into the vagina. This type of condom fails with about 21 out of 100 women.

The most common disease is genital herpes/warts. For a statistic, 1 in 7 people have this terrible disease. They are simply warts, but on your genitals. The genitals are not the only place people have herpes. Another...

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