Seven Human Needs Essay

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As I look back over my life, I find there have been a very few times when I have felt a profound loss of dignity for myself. Having said that, I do feel that losing a job I had worked at for 26 years took a serious toll on my pride, as well as my sense of identity and security.
As I pondered my seemingly bleak options, I grew somewhat depressed. It became more and more difficult to drag myself out of bed and into work each day. I was not productive while I was there, and when I returned home in the evenings it was all I could do to make dinner for my family and then crawl into bed. I gained weight, let my appearance go and lost all my enthusiasm for the things I enjoyed. Until then, ...view middle of the document...

I was finally secure in my ability to accomplish the task. It had been somewhat beyond my ability, but not so far beyond that I gave up. I was challenged and I came through it! I felt great!
The concept of sharing or communion with others has always been difficult for me. Although I love to listen and observe and be around people, it has often been difficult for me to open up. My personal reaction is to close down and observe from the sidelines. It is my belief however, that for this profession this quality is not necessarily a bad thing. I am an excellent audience and fairly observant. If I’m comfortable in a setting it is also easier for me to share my thoughts, ideas, and/or concerns with those around me. I also believe I am a tolerant, caring individual. I try to accept everyone as basically good and decent, and hope they don’t try too hard to prove me wrong!
I know I was much less tolerant when I was younger. I had very little patience for older people and I was somewhat disturbed by people with disabilities. As my life happened, close friends gave birth to children with mild to severe disabilities, and my grandmother suffered a stroke that left her in a wheelchair and speechless. I learned that they were still loving, productive people that simply needed more attention or adaptation to make their lives worthwhile.
Productivity went through a...

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