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Setting Emily Emerald Hill Essay

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Based on the play “Emily of Emerald Hill” by S. Kon, the playwright focuses on the theme of the insignificant women status in society. Generally, the setting of the play in terms of time and place contributes much to the development of its central theme. In this context, Emily, the only character in the play, is the central character who shows the readers more about women status with respect to the play’s physical time and place setting. In the play, readers can observe the theme of insignificant status of women in society through Emily life before her marriage and after her marriage. Besides, the place setting which locates in Singapore, an Asian country vividly portrays the theme of ...view middle of the document...

As she has experienced traumatic vulnerability of her youth as a female, she has an idea that women are worthless except in their roles of mother and wife. In order to disapprove this idea, she takes control over the whole family to show her significant status in the family and also in the society. It is clearly proven in the line, “Look after your husband and family, yes: do everything for them, wrap them, bind them in the web of your providing…so that whole world knows your worth-so that a screaming girl-child, long ago, may be reassured that her life has some significant,” (pg.24). Because of her traumatic childhood experience that showed her women are useless, she wants to make a change of her life, wishing to be someone who is important and significant.
However, she is lastly still being trapped in her own belief that women should serve the family well. This can be seen through her action when her husband has a mistress and betrays her. Instead of leaving her husband, she still serves her husband and even his mistress well. This can be proven through the line, “No matter what he does, I still am his wife, I must continue to look after him,” (pg. 21). After experiencing her childhood life, she has already had the belief of women insignificant role in the society, except for their roles as mother and wife deep inside her mind and her soul. So, the time setting before and after Emily’s marriage set her future and develops the central theme of insignificant women’s status well.
In the other hand, this play “Emily of Emerald Hill” locates at Emerald Hill in Singapore, an Asian country. Asian people mostly value the boy rather than girl in family as they think girl is useless, except for their role to give birth, to take care of the...

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