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1. We need a corporate goal for SCR that refers to our new training activity. Prepare a draft to show Jesse.
SCR states four main goals in dealing with its clients:
▪ SCR consultants will provide clients with cutting-edge technology and show them how it can be used to achieve business results. All clients will receive personal attention, professional service, and ethical behavior from the consultant.
▪ SCR’s fees will be fair, reasonable, and competitive. SCR will strive to earn its fees the old-fashioned way — by hard work, professionalism, and dedication to the client’s needs.
▪ Reputation is a priceless asset. To protect it, SCR will maintain a Code of Ethics to ensure that it avoids impropriety of any kind, or even the appearance of ...view middle of the document...

To support our training function, we will focus on three main goals:
▪ Training content will provide world-class technical skills and knowledge required by IT industry leaders.
▪ Delivery will be highly professional, with attention to individual needs and interaction with students.
▪ Results will be measurable, and SCR will certify student achievement levels and competence.

2. Jesse wants my opinion on whether or not SCR needs a systems review committee. Need to prepare a recommendation and reasons.
As far as we know, SCR does not have a systems review committee. The SCR executive committee announced the new TIMS system by giving employees advance notice of a news release. Students know that top management directives are one source of systems projects. Should SCR consider a committee? You could argue that in a firm like SCR, the top managers make all major decisions, and a committee would add an unnecessary layer of decision-making. Also, the company is small enough to allow constant, direct communication among all members of the SCR team — so what would be the advantage of a committee?
On the other hand, not all decisions involve major IT projects. Most of the time, IT departments deal with day-to-day maintenance requests. Without a systems review committee, the IT director must allocate corporate resources. Would a systems review committee provide more interdepartmental input and allow more user involvement? The chapter presents various pro and con arguments, and you should encourage students to apply these concepts to the SCR situation.

3. Draft a project scope statement for the TIMS system and describe the constraints. She said be specific.

NOTE: assignment to be completed by student

4. Need to identify the people I want to interview to learn more about the new training activity, and prepare a list of the questions I will ask.

NOTE: assignment to be completed by student

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