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Serving To Learn & Learning To Serve

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October 16, 2013

1. Write an interesting description of the service you performed.

I choose to serve the local library. I worked at the Library in Quakertown. I was amazed at the number of books that had to be put away daily. The most interesting part is to see all the different types of books that people are reading.

2. Describe one or two of the most memorable experiences and/or people with whom you served.

My supervisor Mr. Winkler is very nice and very patient. He showed me how to organize the books, so that I could put away as many as possible during my time at work.

I’m also responsible for cleaning up the ...view middle of the document...

I would have to say my personal strength was my determination. I am determined to make sure each and every book was placed on the right shelf, in order. I never give up, and I’m determined to get it right without asking my supervisor.

5. What is the greatest insight/learning about other people that you gained from this service experience?

I learned that being a librarian is a lot of responsibility. I never knew how much work they had to do in order to get the books ready. I have learned to appreciate their service to the community.

6. Identify one personal weakness you discovered about yourself while doing this service.

When I first started, I didn’t think I would like it. When I was learning the job, I would get frustrated when I could not find the correct location, and I wanted to give up. After a while I realized that I can’t allow myself to get easily discouraged. I now do the job, and my determination keeps me wanting to do a good job.

7. How did your service reflect the life, love and spirit of Jesus?

My service reflects the life, love and spirit of Jesus because Jesus gave of himself and helped people. I feel that working in the library is providing service to the community. By volunteering and giving my time, the library doesn’t have to pay many employees, and my service helps them save money.

My service also helps people to find the books that they enjoy reading. I watch parents bring their little children, and they read some of the books that I have placed back on the shelf. The children also play with the toys that I organize in the playroom. I see families, and people seem happy when they are in the library.

I know that I’m helping, and that makes me feel good. Jesus spent his life helping all. I want to continue to work at the library, and serve the community.

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