Service Request Part 1 Essay

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Service Request Part 1
Robert Davis
March 14th 2014
Fred Bennett

Service Request Part 1

Riordan Manufacturing is a global producer and manufacturer in the global plastics industries and has about 550 people that have a projected annual earning of over $46 million dollars. Riordan has a manufacturing plant located in Albany, GA that is capable of producing plastic beverage containers, another plant that is located in Pontiac MI that is capable of producing custom plastic parts, and another plant located in Hangzhou, China that produces plastic fan parts. The corporate offices and research and development department of Riordan are located in San Jose, California. Riordan ...view middle of the document...

This business wants current resources and these resources must be defined before the analysis can begin. This newly proposed Human Resources system requires the information of all employees including: pay rate, personal information, and exemptions for tax’s, the date of hire, and organizational information. The current systems in place for Riordan are not capable of fulfilling such duties of organized information. There is a need for a more advanced method to keep track of all of this information so that it can be integrated. This newly proposed system will include all of this information and be able to be used from all locations ("Riordan Manufacturing", 2013).

Stakeholders are any one that has interest or concern in an organization. The key stakeholders for this project are Riordans COO Hugh Mcauley, and Yvonne Mcmillan who is the director for the Human Resources department. The additional steak holders will consist of the projects sponsor, the customers, and management needed to fulfill this request ("Business Dictionary", 2014).

The next step in order to make this system work is to gather information. Many different techniques and tools can be used to gather information such as brainstorming, document analysis, interviews, observations, and surveys. The planning phase is the most important part to creating this system. The initiation of the project will question the current system and propose what is needed for the new system. Once the plan is formed it will be reviewed in order to determine weather or not it is practical and can be done. ("Project Management", 2012).
Gathering information is a critical step in the development of new systems. Often times the problem does not come from new technologies but from management and people. One of the most key factors that help ensure information is gathered successfully for projects is management’s commitment to the project. If management does not understand the value of the project it will not get completed in the fashion that is needed. The next key to insure successful information...

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