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Service Quality Essay

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Introduction Pg2

Part I Pg 2
Service encounters, service relationship and level of customer contact.
The framework of evaluation of services encounter

Part II Pg4

Customer expectations and customer emotions in the services encounters
Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality
The rate of service quality, Service failure and service recovery

Part III Pg5

Recommendation: Service gaps model 8

Part IV Pg6

Reference List.


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This is very important as first impression because the customer wants to know if their supplier is reliable and fulfill the set requirements with satisfaction.

This refers to the company’s employees. Are they skilled and able to gain the trust and confidence? If the customers are not comfortable with the employees, there is a big chance that the customers will not refer other to the company or even return for further business encounters with the company.

Refers to the physical appearance of the surroundings and facilities, equipment, personnel and the way of communication. It is about creating the first impression, the company should strive to give it’s customers a unique positive unforgettable first impression.

Refers to how the company cares and gives individualized attention to their clients to make the customer to feel extra valued and special. This will foster their coming back for the same service or other services provided by the company.

Refers to the willingness of the company to help its customers in providing them with a good, quality and fast service. This is very vital for customers feel valued when they get best possible quality in service.

It is so clear that when the consumer is satisfied with a given service he/she will leave the service providers premises gladly that he/she chose that particular service provider and not the other in the industry. This give a room for the consumer to refer others to that particular service provider as it was (Encounter 02) WGC, where by I moved when I was so satisfied and contented with what I got and kept telling friends with the same interest of venturing in Gold market. The service is reliable with options of constant updates incase of any changes.

Tangibility of the service was viewed in the colors used in the website (Gold and elegant black), with a very quick glance I managed to get all that I needed in the very bolded icon, evidencing the element of empathy of the service provider. This was very opposite with Hillpark restaurant (Encounter 01) whereby the was nothing like friendly welcoming note, I just receive a weird glance from the service provider after asking for hot black tea before settling for my late afternoon lunch.

Responsiveness of the provider matter a lot also when it comes to satisfaction of the customer and delivery of the desired quality services. It was disappointing and dissatisfying with CRDB ( Encounter 04), the readiness and willingness of service provider to ensure timely and assured service was totally negative, the ATM was outside the branch in the bright afternoon and yet the funds were not enough for withdrawing, what if the ATM was somewhere far from the main branch. The readiness to attending customers was less than expected.

Most of the times we buy the idea that the satisfaction needed is 100% derived from the quality of the service provided. However, research has found it...

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