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Service Proposal: Riordan Manufacturing, Inc Essay

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Executive SummaryOn March 1, 2006, Hugh McCauley, COO of Riordan Manufacturing, requested a proposal to include specific systems changes that improve inventory or manufacturing processes. McCauley described how the organization would like to use computer systems to become more efficient. The expected results of this proposal are to create system upgrades and improvements to be given to the information technology (IT) Department or information consultants. After our team viewed Riordan's resources, we noticed a few aspects of the computer system to be upgraded. Each location has its own finance and accounting system, which is a problem because systems cannot communicate with each other. ...view middle of the document...

Enhancement of manual processes will reduce operational costs and overhead as well.Service Proposal: Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.Client AssessmentLike many large corporations that have more than one location in the country, the problem of communication will always be present. In the situation of Riordan Manufacturing, the computer system utilization problems that exist are based on the fact that different locations are not setup the same way as the rest of the other locations. Riordan Manufacturing has three operating entities which are California, Georgia, and Michigan, plus China, a joint venture. To add to the problem, Riordan Manufacturing has an international location.The most notable problem with Riordan Manufacturing is that each location has its own finance and accounting system. San Jose, the main office, has a different finance and accounting system to Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hang Zhou, China. Riordan Manufacturing has four different finance and accounting systems. This is a major issue; a company with several accounting systems is bound to have problems because it is hard to track profits, losses, and finances in general. One of the biggest problems that Riordan Manufacturing has is that all locations have different software systems. The main office in San Jose, California is the only location that uses EDI, Bar code reading, and EDSS. The head quarters office in San Jose, California, has a fully integrated licensed system; no other location uses these components. Another problem is that the location of Pontiac, Michigan, purchased vendor-developed software and the attendant source code for its finance and accounting and process application from a vendor, but now the vendor is no longer in business. With a company that has purchased an item from a vendor that is no longer in business is very crucial because now the buyer has no way of fixing any problems they might have with that product. Any technical problems that the location of Michigan might have will have to be resolved by them. What kind of help will the location of Michigan get from someone who is no longer in business? The location of Georgia purchased software and the attendant source code for finance and accounting and process application similar to the one from Michigan but from a different vendor.Recommended ResolutionsSome of the problems that come along with having multiple software programs are that they might not be compatible with other software programs. This is the case for Riordan Manufacturing who has four different software programs. Once all the reports or paper work must be submitted to head quarters all locations must send their data. Since all locations have different software programs some data is provided via hardcopy reports and must be re-entered into the system. This re-entering takes time and cost money for the organization. Why work harder when one can work smarter. All this is doing is making more work and another job that is...

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