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Service Product Marketing Essay

4894 words - 20 pages

Business Report:
Analysing Service Design Elements

MRKT20026 – Service Product Marketing

Assessment 3

Term 2 2012

Student Name | Student ID/Number |
Tatiana ZAPATA | S0203520 |

CQU in Brisbane Campus

Lecturer/Tutor: Patrick GOH

Paper Count: 2.628

Due Date: 27 of September 2012
Date Submitted: 27 of September 2012

Executive Summary

This report provides a critically analyse of a design elements of two different service providers, Juan Valdez coffee shop and Guzman & Gomez fast food restaurant. This also involves the Russell’s Model of Affect and how this model is relates to the service elements identified in the services providers. The ...view middle of the document...

5 Russell’s Model 12
3.0 Guzman y Gomez 13
3.1 Exterior Facilities 13
3.2 General Interior 14
3.3 Store layout & internal layout 15
3.4 Social dimensions 16
3.5 Russell Model 16
4.0 Recommendations 17
Reference 18


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
Service environment communicate and determine the positioning of the service provider. This also can be defined as a consumer’s mental representation of a service environment on dimensions typically used to imprison and people’s personality. The Russell model also allows a direct assessment of how costumers feel while they are in the service environment.

1.2 Aim
The aim of this report is to critically analyse of a design elements of two different service providers, Juan Valdez coffee shop and Guzman & Gomez fast food restaurant. This also involves the Russell’s Model of Affect and how this model is relates to the service elements identified in the service provider, and linking with relevant literature.

1.3 Scope
The report evaluates the importance of the servicescape and Russell model affect. This report focuses on design elements of retail store environment of Juan Valdez Café and Guzman Y Gosmez fast food restaurant. The design elements are: exterior facilities, General interior store layout, and social dimensions.

2.0 Juan Valdez Coffee shop

The Juan Valdez chain of coffee shops was created by Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers (NFC). The mission of the Coffee Shops was to participate in the value chain of the coffee business and create increased visibility and recognition of Colombia coffee throughout the world.

In 2002, Juan Valdez brand was relaunched for the opening of the shops. In fact, through the shops was possible to address the brand towards a new strategy of direct sales to the consumer. Besides coffee, the shops offered a variety of Juan Valdez products such as coffee drinks (espresso, filtered coffee, ices and cold drinks), specially packaged coffee (speciality lines, commemoration coffees, and organic coffee), and merchandise bearing the brand such as t-shirts, caps) as well as handcraft products such as natural fibber cup insulators and a variety of snacks.

2.1 Exterior Facilities
The most common architectural style of stores is represented by Juan Valdez’s portrait. The aims of this gesture do attract attention from a distance, and also creates an overlap between old and new in a way that negates the disparity, in search of a link. Moreover, the architects contend that they tried to link coffee growers in Colombia with American consumers and found a design inspiration for this linking in coffee’s three states.

The facade of the stores represents the link between Colombia and the city in which the store is located. This can be illustrated in the architectural style of store at New York City. There is a frontage which represents the link between Colombia and New York, where the principal...

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