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Service Oriented Architecture Essay

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Service Oriented Architecture

Introduction: Defining SOA

Service oriented architecture is a reliable software architecture that generates many positives for business activities. This software design principle is implemented into many organizations to connect multiple clients with the wide range of business functions. Service oriented architecture is becoming more popular among enterprises that will eventually become enthused by the benefits and importance this application has to offer. SOA is essentially a cluster of services that take part in communication with one another. It’s important to become ...view middle of the document...

While technology is rapidly changing, there are new developments bringing SOA to the forefront of the information technology marketplace. The integration of old and new business practices enable SOA to form advanced business objectives while generating new external relationships.

Benefits with SOA vs. EDA

The benefits of service oriented architecture will help become more united with the event driven architecture. These services can be compared to one another with their unique functions that tie into business. Integration struggles with the wasteful offline running business factors. EDA is set out for those lengthy business procedures while SOA is ideal for the current time and request changes. SOA focuses on a request and EDA posts events with the use of past processing. The competitive advantages of SOA are requesting quick replies, receiving the data, and logging off when the reply is recognized. EDA waits for the delivery of requests to be made and releases the resources in a timely manner. SOA and EDA architectures bring numerous business advantages to the forever improving level of technological advances.

SOA’s Advantages

Furthermore the service oriented architecture benefits include various concepts in business applications including the development and maintenance practices. The benefits that are carried over to enterprise information technology are mentioned as the successful development of software tools. Another important advantage includes terminating the thought of disposing business components by reusing them in the implementation of further business practices. The development stages require the improvement of tools and sorting the most effective practices to allow the mainstream of new software elements. SOA’s primary competitive advantages are those businesses that do not include this form of software architecture with their daily business procedures.

Formation of SOA structure consists of several layers that are paired up with their designated roles. The major assets to the company are those developers that learn every individual layer as well as the functions that are used to construct those layers. Lower level developers will maintain the same skills that the more experienced and qualified specialists attain. Developers have the knowledge imbedded through learning the structure of this system and will participate in the feedback for the need of further software innovations.

The key components of the service oriented architecture allows better return on investments, code mobility, added security features, advanced testing procedures, and improved maintainability. In the process of creating the software, the company can organize those important key business domains. These domains include an inventory service that will provide benefits to the company in two ways. The first way is that the SOA will store the business activities for future purposes and reference material. Secondly,...

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