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Service Marketting Essay

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Marketing theory and practice developed initially in connection with physical products such as toothpaste, cars, and steel. Yet one of the major megatrends has been the phenomenal growth of services. In the United States, for example, service jobs now account for 79% of all jobs and 74% of gross domestic product. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, service occupations will be responsible for all net job growyh through the year 2005. These numbers have led to a growing interest in the special problems of marketing services.Service is increasingly important because the information age is making service a much larger and more important part of every advanced economy. So, what is ...view middle of the document...

Service marketing strategy calls not only for external marketing but also for internal marketing to motivate employees and interactive marketing to emphasize the importance of both "high-tech" and "high-touch".There are a lot of businesses in service industry. One of them, which is more famous, is supermarket. In Almaty, there are approximately 103 supermarkets, which are classified into 6 major groups by customers: mini-supermarkets (Nur, Rossiya, and Astana), "cheap" supermarkets (Skif-sauda, GROS, C&C), classic supermarkets (Ardager, Keruert, and etc.), differentiated (Dastarhan and Inter-food), new (Silk-Way, Mercur, Karkara, Optima, etc.), and hypermarkets (Ramstore, Promenad, AlmaCity).As a whole among the considered supermarkets existence of minuses of supermarkets of Almaty is marked: service level; insufficient attention of PR; attitude to personnel; low level of differentiation; and weak merchandising. Among consumers the most popular supermarkets are: Dastarhan, Skif-sauda, and Ramstore. About the last one I'm going to write."Rambutya" company is managed by Turkish company "Migros group". Migros has the biggest chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets in Turkey. "Ramstore" is managed by Migros's "know-how" system. Rambutya-Kazakhstan has two supermarkets in Almaty, and one in Astana.At present Ramstore's assortment includes about 22 000 names. During any holidays they represent the additional goods as the special offer for buyers. It adheres to a line of support of the local manufacturer, therefore 75 % of products are products of local manufacturers, and only 25 % of products are imported. They aspire to having 10 % of "Ramstore" brands, but usually this part makes about 5 %."Ramstore" always is responsible for its customers; therefore production "private label" has special meaning. Successful "private label"- is one of the key elements between "Ramstore" and its buyers. "Ramstore's" brands have the same quality as the market's leading brands, but by affordable prices. Also, it has a lot of suppliers. For being one of suppliers, products must be of the high quality, and prices should meet company's requirements. Product prices are strongly controlled for making affordable high quality products by low prices to customers. New products are always controlled. No one product will be sold in supermarket without public quality certificate."Migros" company provides "Ramstore's" personnel by educational programs. Schedule of trainings for managers, and personnel is made every year for advance.One of the "Ramstore's" goals is to sell the widest assortment of goods by affordable prices, therefore they use various advertising techniques for customer attracting. Every four weeks they renew magazine "Ramstore post", in which you can find new information about the product, for buyers. Also they have their own database of their constant buyers, who uses "Ramstore club's" discount cards.Usually "Ramstore" serves 18-20 thousands visitors a day....

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