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Service Marketing Essay

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Flowcharting Customer Service Processes
Processes describe the method and sequence in which service operating systems work and specify how they link together to create the value proposition promised to customers. In high-contact services, customers are an integral part of the operation, and the process becomes their experience. Badly designed processes are likely to annoy customers because they often result in slow, frustrating, and poor-quality service delivery. The poor processes can make it difficult for frontline employees to do their jobs as well. From that situation it can give effect to get low productivity, and increase the risk of services ...view middle of the document...

The flowchart will start with learn of option that company offer especially Bank. After collect information about the company offer then, customer must select the best package or plan that security company offer such as cash management, electronic service system or other else. After select the package customer must make a payment as the evidence to use those services. The service company also must prepare the complete printed documents to give customer make a references or as a guidelines. Besides that, there are several sequence that called as the internal task which are bank and service company agree on term of coverage and customer information entered in database before make a transactions.

Blueprinting services to create valued experiences and productive operations
Blueprinting can define as the tool use to design new services or redesign existing ones. It is also as a guideline specifies in detail how a services process should be constructed and included details as to what is visible to the customer and where there are potential fail points in the services process. There are several key characteristics of service blueprinting firstly, distinguishes between what customer experience front-stage and back-stages. This is can called line of visibilty in this key characteristic the Securiforce and Safeguard focused on managing back-stage activities to take care about their standards for how their employee conduct security services or other else.

Second key characteristic is interaction between customers and employees. These keys refer to the front line of company and supported by back-stage activities. Usually Securiforce and Safeguard always care about their employee and make sure that their employee can perform very well and also give satisfied to their services. When the employee make a mistakes it can give effect to their reputation example Securiforce in Electronics exist that provide superior performance to their clients, who are users and retail merchants of all sizes and types of businesses in the area of recommending and installing electronic security systems and other electronic security systems and other electronic gadgets and their procedures.

Next key is the opportunity to manager to identify potential fail points in the process. This is a responsible to manager that must make a corrective solution to maintain their services offer. To solve that problem manager must prepare contingency plan or preventive measures. They also can make a pinpoint stages in the process at which customers commonly have a problem. By this problem, the both security company that we choose have no problem in term of wait time but they also have a problem in term of attitude their employee during make a...

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