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Service Learning Reflection Paper

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Samuel Durham
American Government
Professor Tapia
Service Learning Reflection Paper
For my service learning project I volunteered as an intern at the 5000 role models project of excellent program. Head director Paul Wilson and his staff welcomed me with open arms. During my time there I assisted with many activities which helped me learn some great communication skills and also greatly benefited the staff as well. During my internship I was involved in encouraging mentors of different fields such as Police Officers, Firefighters, Military Veterans and others to come out and support young men who are headed in the right direction. I found my self-surrounded in a setting that I saw openly was consisted on pure professionalism. Every day that I walked inside of that office I received nothing but respect, kindness and admiration. In fact I was even ...view middle of the document...

The biggest problem we are having when it comes down to change in the community is voting. This doesn’t particularly refer to the black community but to the younger generation as a whole. Part of why a lot things that are not being granted in the community and government is because the younger population are not voting. But guiding our young people in the direction and explaining the cause while they are young opens up greater chance of change in the community and let alone the government.
Founder of the 5000 role models program Congress Women Frederica Wilson has shed light and become a pillar and voice to the voiceless in the community. Frederica Wilson is also mother of head director of the 5000 role models Paul Wilson. She has open the door for me to at least believe that it is possible to become a voice for disadvantaged people of different races by standing up for what’s right, just, and fair. A bigger impact could be made in the government in terms paying attention to the wants and needs of the younger generation. However, it is our partaking in being active and recognizing the importance of voting.
My experience there has shed light on what education means to me. It can create greater opportunities more so then the physicality of labor and has shown me that with your mind you can also be active. We had discussed in one of the lectures in class is that physical labor is not going to be needed in the near future. But the mind is something that no one can take and the most important thing has been getting involved and creating new relationships so that I can create better opportunities in achieving my goals. I believe that in every government class that there should be a service learning for also students to learn about the importance of government and what we need to do to become more involved. From the time that I have served there I had already learned how to the do things the right way and how to be professional. This has been a stepping stone for me and I will continue to work with the program not only from my own benefit but also for the community.

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