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Servervault: “Reliable, Secure, And Wicked Fast”

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1. This case study the payback period, payback period and Net present value, but also the time value of capital was analyzed. Net Present Value and internal rate of return investment criteria are met.

2. In the economic evaluation of the project, it needs to forecast and analysis for the product cost situation and market sales and sales price. Overall consumer buying behavior is occurred when driven by its purchase motivation, affected by many factors, including external factors like socio-economic factors, business factors etc., and the internal factors, like individual psychological factors. Therefore, the consumer's purchase decision process research can influence the degree of realization of investment.

3. In the evaluation of ...view middle of the document...

He should consider more on period factor and the cost factor


Failed financing decision results excessive debt, which increase corporation burden of periodic payment of interest and the interest due for repayment.
In the other hand, it makes owner and creditor raising up the rate for strengthened risk, which increases the corporation cost.

Case 4 EBAY INC. (A)
1. Although Ebay businesses have traveled throughout the world, but the share in emerging markets is not large. How to use their global supply to meet fast-growing emerging markets, which is increasingly important to their business development, they need to consider the most.
2. In the field of online payment, expect that they will be in correlation with wallet function continues to innovate to increase user popularity
3. Ebay would be asked to take online technology, user interface, as well as established businesses and consumers PayPal standard into the offline field.

Case 5 Teletech Corporation, 1996

1. Adjust and combine the product structure, innovate new product which no others have, to strengthen the competition of the product. Meanwhile promote low price product to increase price competition.
2. Initiatively develop and occupy more market.
3. Strengthen service management to make service better and improvement.


In condition of keep no increased investment raise the cash profit.
1. To increase the sale, this in some degree will increase corporation cash profit.
2. Raise the price, by strategy of raising price will also increase the product cash profit.

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