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Server Questions Essay

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Server question
Ques 1 :-Which of the following is not a benefit of DHCP?
1.       centralized administration of IP configuration
2.       dynamic host configuration
3.       seamless IP host configuration
4.       portability of workstations

ques 2:- Which of the following is not a component of DNS?
1.       DNS namespace
2.       DNS zones
3.       DNS resource records
4.       DNS relay agent

Ques 3:- A starting address of and an ending address of is a member of which network class?
1.       Class a
2.       Class b
3.       Class c
4.       Class d

Ques 4:- Which of the following is not a function of DHCP?
1.       transmitting data from one network to ...view middle of the document...

       subnet mask
2.       default gateway
3.       workstation settings
4.       IP address

Ques 10:- The initial DHCP lease process is accomplished by using a series of exchanges between a DHCP client and DHCP server that utilizes four messages. Which of the following is not a message that is used?
2.       DHCPOFFER
4.       DHCPACK

Ques 11:- Which of the following is not a database function used to manage the DHCP database?
1.       Compact
2.       Reconciliation
3.       Connect
4.       Restore

Ques 12;- A DHCP client will perform the initial lease process in all of the following situations with the exception of __________.
1.       the very first time the client boots
2.       after every reboot
3.       after releasing the IP address
4.       after receiving a DHCPNACK message

ques 13:- In a Windows Server 2008 network, the primary means of locating network devices and network services is through the use of __________.
1.       DHCP
2.       DNS
3.       TCP/IP
4.       BOOTP

Ques 14:- DNS zone file resource records are represented as __________.
1.       binary packets
2.       DHCP data entries
3.       form packets
4.       text entries

ques 15:- Which zone is a copy of a zone that contains only those resource records necessary to identify the authoritative DNS servers for that zone?
1.       standard primary zone
2.       standard secondary zone
3.       reverse lookup zone
4.       stub zone

ques 16:- After sending a zone transfer request, which option shows how long (in seconds) the zone’s secondary server waits before sending another request?
1.       Refresh
2.       Retry
3.       Expire
4.       Minimum TTL

Ques 17:- For best results, the internetwork should be limited to fewer than how many subnets with an easily predicted traffic pattern (such as arranged consecutively in a straight line)?
1.       5
2.       7
3.       10
4.       12

Ques18:- Of the four types of routes that can be found in a routing table, which of the following cannot be found?
1.       directly attached network routes
2.       remote network routes
3.       client routes
4.       host routes

ques19:- Which generic authentication method offers encryption of authentication data through the MD5 hashing scheme?
1.       Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)
2.       Shiva Password Authentication Protocol (SPAP)
3.       Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
4.       Extensible Authentication Protocol-Message Digest 5 Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (EAP-MD5 CHAP)

Ques20:- One example of an NPS Policy Setting includes IP properties that specify IP address assignment behavior. Which of the following is not an option?
1.       Server Must Supply an IP Address
2.       Client Must Supply an IP Address
3.       Client May Request an IP Address
Server Settings Determine IP Address Assignment

Ques 21:- The process of deploying and configuring a simple file server using Windows...

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