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Serial Killers And The Media Essay

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Serial Killers and the Media
Maureen McCollom
Kaplan University

Deviance and Violence
Professor Major
March 26, 2013
Serial murders are not just part of the United States they also happen globally. There are many investigative tools that are used when working a serial murder case and we will discuss some of those. We will also discuss the problems with the media when it comes to serial murders. We will also talk about how the criticism of the public and media can affect serial murder cases.
The crime of serial murder is not just one that in the United States it is a problem that happens globally. In the US we have the help of the Behavioral Analysis Unit as well ...view middle of the document...

❖ Identification: The primary challenge in the investigation is the initial identification of the homicide. The historical way that they were identified was when there was more than two cases linked. With the rapid growing systems of today as soon as the cases have been reported it is out to the media. Identifying high profiles over more than one jurisdiction still poses a problem to the law enforcement. The systems used by different agencies poses a big problem when trying to put together a case. All that were at the conference agreed that we need to use the same system to report crimes called the National Law Enforcement Teletype System as well as the systems used by the FBI and the Behavioral Crime Unit. The law enforcement online is another good system to use.
❖ Leadership: When doing a high profile investigation many problems arise in leadership. They are faces with pressures from victims’ families, media as well as political executives. The main goal is to catch the offender and arrest and prosecute them. They all agree that the cases should be handled by homicide investigators who know how to work the case and that supervisor need to intervene with higher up personnel.
❖ Task Force Organization: A lead agency should be established to work on the investigation, and a member from each law enforcement agency that is involved in the case should have a member on the task force. A head and a co-head investigator should be formed and from there lisons are assigned that will take care of task given by the head investigator. When working the investigation there should be a clear line of communication between investigators and administration. They will also need to keep a rapport as they are keeping up with their own task that they have.
❖ Resource Augmentation: During the investigation it is often better to use fewer personnel but in some cases more personnel is needed in order to work it. The head investigator is in charge of running the whole investigation and administration is in charge of giving them the resources they need in order to run a proper one.
❖ Communication: Is a key role in the investigation. Daily briefing’s should be done to keep everyone up to date on events and new evidence. When serial cases involve multiple states communication is paramount to the investigation. These should be held on a face to face basis and not by phone...

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