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Sequestration Essay

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Sequestration is a term used to describe the practice of using mandatory spending cuts in the federal budget. It was first the Budget Control Act of 2011 this was the bill that would have set a limit on what needs to be done and cut to make the economy better, but they fell to get this bill into play because there was a divide in the congress wants. The sequester came about because congress was required to vote on December 23, 2011 about cutting spending, but did not do so. Republicans and Democrats needed to agree to balanced spending reduction for the bill to be passed. If failed, which they did, the enforcement mechanism will began spending cuts starting in 2013 on March ...view middle of the document...

All in all cuts should be made, but the drastic drop of the economy is a bit ridiculous. The sequester should have never been in place. The government should have taken the time to sort out their differences than letting the Sequestration catch them. There were ideas from both sides that could have worked to make this spending low all around. Spreading the cut over years would have made less of a major impact then hitting full blown in the year of 2013. Many government workers may possibly lose their jobs, our military veterans will be affected and the ones serving now in a little ways. To fix this there should be some tax increase but more spending that is not needed to survive, such as, certain TV shows. We need all of the programs that is here for the survival of humans. There needs to be things like food stamps, and disaster control these things are what help human kind survive. Taxing those who make more than the set average a year is a good idea, it won’t directly affect those whom don’t have much income. If the government doesn’t fix this soon we may hit a bottom that will take a while to rise up from. Not saying that it...

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