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Sequential Process Essay

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Appendix G Sequential and Selection Process Control Structure
In the following example, the second line of the table specifies that tax due on a salary of $2000.00 is $225.00 plus 16% of excess salary over $1500.00 (that is, 16% of $500.00). Therefore, the total tax is $225.00 + $80.00, or $305.00.

Salary Range in Dollars
1 2 3 4 5

Base Tax in Dollars 0.00 225.00 465.00 825.00 1425.00

Percentage of Excess 15 % 16 % 18 % 20 % 25 %

0.00-1,499.99 1,500.00-2,999.99 3,000.00-4,999.99 5,000.00-7,999.99 8,000.00-14,999.99

Main Module Declare Associate_Name as string Declare Salary_Amount as real Declare Base as real Declare Excess as real Declare Salary as real Declare Start_Over as string REM these are the calls for the modules that can be ran. Not all modules will run REM because associates will only fall into 1 tax bracket Call Input ...view middle of the document...

00 AND Salary_Amount < 2,999.99 Then Call Salary2 Module Else If Salary_Amount > 3,000.00 AND Salary_Amount < 4,999.99 Then Call Salary3 Module

IT 210

Else If Salary_Amount > 5,000.00 AND Salary_Amount < 7,999.99 Then Call Salary4 Module Else If Salary_Amount > 8,000.00 AND Salary_Amount < 14,999.99 Then Call Salary5 Module Else Write,” The salary you typed in is not computable.“ Write,” Please enter a salary between 0.00 and 14,999.99.” Call Input Module End Range Module Salary 1 Module Declare Excess as real Declare Salary as Real Set Excess = Salary_Amount * .015 Set Salary = Salary_Amount - Excess Call Output Module End Salary 1 Module Salary 2 Module Declare Base as real Declare Excess as real Declare Salary as real Set Base = Salary_Amount - 225 Set Excess = Base * .16 Set Salary = Base - Excess Call Output Module End Salary 2 Module Salary 3 Module

IT 210

Declare Base as real Declare Excess as real Declare Salary as real Set Base = Salary_Amount - 465 Set Excess = Base * .18 Set Salary = Base - Excess Call Output Module End Salary 3 Module Salary 4 Module Declare Base as real Declare Excess as real Declare Salary as real Set Base = Salary_Amount - 825 Set Excess = Base * .20 Set Salary = Base - Excess Call Output Module End Salary 4 Module Salary 5 Module Declare Base as real Declare Excess as real Declare Salary as real Set Base = Salary_Amount - 1425 Set Excess = Base * .25 Set Salary = Base - Excess Call Output Module End Salary 5 Module

Output Module Declare Start_Over as string Declare Associate_Name as string Declare Salary as real

IT 210

Write,” The gross salary for,” Associate_Name Salary Write, “Wanna start this from the beginning? Enter Y or N” Input Start_Over If Start_Over = “Y” or “y” Then Call Input Module Else If Start_Over = “N” or “n” Then End Else Write, “Cannot Computer Your Answer, Shutting Down.” End End Output Module Input Test Values: Associate_Name: Cody Johnson Salary: 10,150.00 The gross salary for Cody Johnson 6543.75 Associate Name: Matthew Johnson Salary: 5000.00 The gross salary for Matthew Johnson 3340

IT 210

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