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Sequence Analysis

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Sequence Analysis Work Sheet


1. Describe briefly what you see in the selected sequence.

I saw Clarice trying to get the name of the killer from Hannibal while he distracts her by asking about her painful experience as a child. In which he pries from her the secret to why she left her extended families house and got placed in foster care. This is an eerie scene.

2. What is the filmmaker trying to communicate in this segment?

He is trying to communicate the fear that Clarice is feeling while she is still trying to hold on to control and retrieve the information they need to catch the killer. He also portrays the confidence and arrogance that Hannibal feels through the ...view middle of the document...

When Clarice told her story a shift in the film as a whole was made in which they could now feel for Clarice and better understand her.

5. Divide the segment into individual scenes (indicated, for instance, by shifts of location).

There were no shifts in location.

II. COMPOSITION (circle appropriate one or describe)

1. Frame (open form: frame de-emphasized, "snapshot" quality; closed form: frame composed and self-contained like painting)

Closed Form
signifies: With closed form this film pulled its viewers in for a ride and didn’t let go. It caused the viewer to feel scared and empathetic.

2. Space (cluttered/empty): Is space--landscape or interior--used as a "comment" on the character's inner state of mind; does space overwhelm the human beings in its midst? Does it figure as a character-like presence? Does it exude a certain atmosphere? etc.

signifies: The space was empty and pushed away from the scene leaving only the actors and the cage that held Hannibal. This space magnifies the situation and allows the viewer to focus soley on the actors performance which signifies the importance of the scene. It exudes that everything and everyone in the room wants to be as far away from Hannibal as possible adding to his scary persona.

3. Sets (studio/location; symbolic use of props [mirrors, cross, window, books, etc.])

signifies: The location is dark and desolate magnifying the desperation that Clarice and the police are in. The use of close up shots is consistent throughout this scene lessening the importance of props and vivid locations.

4. Design (symmetrical or asymmetrical; balanced or unbalanced; stylized or natural; does it belong to a certain period or artistic style?)

Signifies The design of the scene is unbalanced and natural in which the characters experience strong untamed emotion without much outer interference.

5. View of characters (isolated/closed in; center/off-center; background/foreground; partially obscured by objects in foreground/linked to them)

Isolated and in the foreground
Signifies The characters are viewed in this scene in either close up shots or extreme close up shots. They are alone the entire scene until the end. Signifying the isolation as a means of retrieving information needed to help find the killer. The cage itself is obscured even though it is an object in the foreground causing the viewer to pay close attention to Hannibal instead of his surroundings.

6. Movement of character(s) (moving toward/away from camera; from left to right/from right to left; stationary; do they exchange gazes with other characters?)

Moving toward and away from the camera

The way Hannibal starts so close up in the shot then eventually moves away to show his more of his body as he starts to move closer to the bars on the cage as he questions Clarice shows how he is toying with her and is significant to how he feels in charge. Clarice moves far quicker and generally...

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