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Sentence Transformations For English Language Learners; Examples Of Semantic Ambiguity

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SEMANTIC AMBIGUITY: REWRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES SO AS TO CONVEY TWO DIFFERENT MEANINGS PER SENTENCE:1.Police squad help dog bite victim.a)_______________________________________________________________________b)_______________________________________________________________________2.Man eating piranha mistakenly sold as house pet.a)_______________________________________________________________________b)_______________________________________________________________________3.We saw the Eiffel Tower flying from London to Paris.a)_______________________________________________________________________b);_______________________________________________________________________4.The police were ...view middle of the document...

I am sure that the United will win the match against the City. (BOUND)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2.I actually find studying English enjoyable. (ENJOYING)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3.His new hobby is swimming. (TAKEN)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4.What do you think about our new teacher? (OPINION)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5.What are you thinking about at the moment? (MIND)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________6.I have an annoying habit of interrupting people while they speak. (ALWAYS)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________REWRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES BEGINNING AS SHOWN SO THAT THE MEANING REMAINS APPROXIMATELY THE SAME:1. After I arrived here, I started feeling better.Since arriving here ______________________________________________________________2. This is my first journey abroad.This is the first time _____________________________________________________________3. We haven't been to Greece for ages.It's ages ______________________________________________________________________4. She doesn't intend to give up her hobby.She has ______________________________________________________________________5. John had already left before we reached the hotel.By the time ____________________________________________________________________6. We'll have to leave as soon as the dinner begins.The moment ___________________________________________________________________REWRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES SO THAT THEY END WITH THE WORDS UNDERLINED:1. I must insist that you keep to the rules.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. We are presently dealing with Mr Trotter's complaint.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. She has not accounted for her behaviour.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Even Fitz can't explain how they disposed of the body.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Someone has tampered with these...

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