Sensory Cues In Service Marketing Essay

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An organization, or small business, that provides services must participate in the art of understanding the human psyche. Since services are not tangible items, companies must dive deep into the human brain and understand how a person interprets quality and trust by using only sensory cues. This comes in a plethora of options: An office environment, the music playing overhead, an ambiance that provides comfort, the taste of food, and the feeling of meeting a company representative for a consultation. These are just a few examples that consumers confront while researching a provider of services.
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This includes ambient conditions, which encompasses the atmosphere of space, lighting, music and signs. The music alone can affect how one shops for tangible and nontangible goods. Research by Yalch and Spangenberg concluded that if internet shoppers could choose music that is familiar to them than they actually will get thought their shopping quicker and enhance timesaving (2000). The environmental condition pertains to the space such as layout, providing ease and comfort to a service experience. The layout and privacy provided by an accountant doing personal taxes in a large office would be important for many people because their personal income is often a private matter. Signs provide guidance to consumers while symbols and artifacts give a “personal touch to create a feeling of connection with the service provider (Parsons & Conroy, 2006).
Stage two is the holistic environment. Essentially, this is the “perceived overview or image of the firm based on the physical evidence, or perceived servicescape” (Hoffman & Bateson, 2008). Developing a servicescape that attract certain customers is essential for different markets. The consumer looking for services based on price will search for a business that does not appear to elaborate. A more personalized service will attract the market of consumers that are willing to pay more money to be pampered. Hotels are a classic example. While some people stay at a hotel for business, some simply are there for vacation. There may be a preference of location or price. A hotel chain such as Hyatt will create a luxury environment. “Therefore, managers who intend to present a positive business image should design servicescape components according to current trends or the fashion expectations of target consumers. This would by default increase the attractiveness of the business” (Durna, Dedeoglu, & Balikçioglu, 2015). By contrast, a LaQuinta may not provide many services or an upscale environment for patrons and focus on travelers interested in price.
Pertaining to pleasure-displeasure, arousal-nonarousal, and dominance-submissiveness of the consumer is the third stage: Internal response moderators. This is the perceived servicescape and the responses to the environment. As Hoffman and Bateson noted, if a couple desires to remain in a state of nonarousal and spend a quiet evening dining out, they will most likely avoid bright, loud and crowed restaurants (2008).
In stage four, internal responses, is how consumers respond to the business’ environment. This is covered by cognitivity, emotional and physiologically. The thought process of individuals is based on the environment the consumer is sensing. It can be non-verbal and gives a sense of the provider’s abilities in its service. Emotional responses are unpredictable. A study of street vendors in Taiwan revealed, “the service encounter and the appearance layout can facilitate positive emotions, and consumers’ positive emotions...

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