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Sensory Adaptation Essay

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Sensory Adaptation
American Intercontinental University

Sensory Adaptation
The three experiments I chose to conduct were Experiment 1, Experiment 2, and
Experiment 4. All of the experiments were interesting in their own way. Each experiment had a
different outcome but all support adaptation within the experiment.
Beginning experiment 1 I purchased a small piece of very coarse sandpaper at the local
hardware store. I began by rubbing my index fingers across the sandpaper a few times. The first
time I rated the coarseness high on the scale as an 8 and as the experiment progressed I began to
rate the coarseness lower and lower on the one to ten scale. Adaptation is evident in ...view middle of the document...

I then arranged them so that
the bowl with the cold water was in front of my right hand and the hot water bowl was in front of
my left hand and the luke warm water bowl was in the middle of the other bowls. Then I
submersed my right and left hands into the bowls of hot and cold water for three minutes. When
I submerged my hands in the luke warm water they instantly felt better but I could still feel the
hot and cold water on my hands. While my hands where submerged in the hot and cold water
bowls. It was very hot and very cold at first but the longer my hand was in the water the less hot
it began to feel.
Sensory adaptation according to the text is the continued presentation of the same
stimulus. However, causes the receptors to become less sensitive to that particular stimulus;
hence a strange stimulus is required to activate the receptors (2010). Human beings have five
primary senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. As humans we get used to things over time.
The sensory systems that were involved in the three experiments I chose were the sense
of touch and taste. Our sense of touch comes from nerve endings found in the bottom layer of
our skin that’s called the dermis. These nerve endings send messages to our spinal cord, which
transmits the information to our brain. This is where feeling is recognized. We have about twenty
different nerve endings in the human body, the most common receptors are hot, cold, pressure,
pain, and touch (2011). Our sense of taste comes from our taste buds. The taste buds of an adult
are located on the tongue. There are thousands of tiny taste buds that detect four basic taste
types: sour, sweet,...

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