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Selling System Of Baximco Pharma Essay

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Foijur Rahman Muhammad Munim
Syed Almas Hossain


We offer our heartfelt thanks to Almighty Allah who has given us strength and the knowledge to complete this Selling system of Beximco pharmaceuticals project.

Thanks to NCC education that enable us to gain such a valuable education like information technology.
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Chapter-1 | |
|1.1Initial study |6-10 |
|1.1.1 Introduction | |
|1.1.2 Reason for choosing development language | |
|1.1.3 Reasons for choosing the company. | |
|1.1.4 Company Organ gram | |
|1.1.5 Interview | |
|1.1.6 Conclusion | |
|2. Chapter -2 | |
|2.1 Feasibility study | |
|2.1.1 Introduction |11-17 |
|2.1.2 Aim of feasibility study. | |
|2.1.3 Probable problems | |
|2.1.4 Overcoming the problems | |
|2.1.5 Operational feasibility | |
|2.1.6 Technical feasibility | |
|2.1.7 Economic feasibility | |
|2.1.8 Cost benefit analysis | |
|2.1.9 Benefits of proposed system | |
|2.1.10 Conclusion | |
|3. Chapter-3 | |
|3.1 Requirement Analysis |18-30 |
|3.1.1 Introduction | ...

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