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Selling, Sales Management Essay

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Question 1
If I were the salesperson for a new pest control service company that Jim Lo, who is a purchase agent and considers that his decision to order pest control service is a routine purchasing decision, does not use, I will process 3 steps to make a sale, such as making contact, closing the sale and following through.

Making Contact
In the very beginning stage, an invitation email will be sent to related parties for first approach and introduce our company background and products. After that, a courtesy call will be made to Jim Lo for brief company and product introduction and meeting arrangement.

Closing the sale
Before meet the potential customer, detailed slides and business proposal will be ready to introduce our company service offerings, competitive advantages and benefits.

During the meeting, business proposal and brochures will ...view middle of the document...

While performing the service, we will be considerate, courteous, and careful with their belongings.

Following through
After the free trial, a follow up call will be made to Jim Lo to ask the feedback and satisfaction and reinforce our service offering’s features, prestige after sales service, competitive advantages and proactively leave my contact information for further contact.

As most of people react negatively to high pressure sales, after the above three processes, I would keep silent awhile and then keep contact Jim Lo regularly to build up relationship and trust.

Question 2
Commitment to mutual gain
Members of successful partnership actively to create win-win relationships by making commitments to the relationship. In partnership, the longer term relationship was more important then the short-term gain. Commitment to mutual gain means that one does not take advantage of other. Mutual dependence creates a cooperative spirit. Both parties search for ways to expand the pie and minimize time spent on resolving conflicts over how to split it.

If Garden Bakery lowers the price of cakes sold to Wellcome Supermarkets, they will lose some profits. In this case, Wellcome Supermarkets can setup an event to promote the healthy bread, like Garden Bakery’s products. For example, Wellcome Supermarkets can offer discount on all Garden Bakery’s products to attract consumer’s interest. Moreover, broadcast the TV advertisements and print advertisement on newspaper to arouse consumer’s attention.

In this event, Wellcome can attract more consumers to buy their products, not limited to Garden Bakery’s products but all products. As most likely, consumers would not only buy a standalone product in supermarket but also food, drinks or personal hygiene products…etc. On the other hand, Garden Bakery can save the advertisement expenses but result in high volume of sales which triggered from the advertisements.

Finally, both Wellcome Supermarkets and Garden Bakery can generate much more profits in this event and co-operation.

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