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SDD 4003 Personal development
Course :Higher diploma in International Trade
Lui Yin Hei
Student number: 130869032

Group project on :self review
Our games day held on28 February 2014 ,we prepared the event for two months, we had a good preformance on the event but some mistakes that we made. We will improve and do the best in next time. Let is get a review on our event. First, evaluate the effectiveness of my group project plan and the team learning goals. Second, analysis the team preference in event and formulate one action will improve my team. Also,idenify my preformance in group project and suggest some advice to improve myself. Finally,the event had discussed the anticipated difficults arise which problems we solved.

My group project plan are set the game for year one accounting higher diploma student to play.Our responability is lead some schoolmates go to game site and played ...view middle of the document...

In this situation, it was out of our expected because we thought our human resourse plan is the best. We did the good preparation for the game time setting and did few times in game testing. One action to improve my team is measure an other anticipated difficults in the game, we should consider more resourse setting in the game and difficulty.

In my individual preformance, I cooperated to my team member look for the schoolmates play the game and maintain the game running smoothly. I thought I did a good job in the game, I competeled my mission but I did not communiate with the schoolmates, there is no interaction in the game. I did my job then I stand with them until the end of the game. I think the situation must be change in next time when we hold an other event. I should talk with them and get their comment in the game. In the game show, it must get enough communiate, they can easily the game role and get more fun in the game.

The anticipated difficults are master of ceremonies choice, time problem and check point person. For master of ceremonies, we are concerning how to attract the participant. We must draw the schoolmates attention in the game. It is for the easily to run and introduce the game role. The mc should speak funnily and get the interacting with participant make sure they will not miss any important notes.
For the time problem, we consider we will spend too much time at a games or a group. We must do a test for the game, it measure the time control easily and calculate the totally spend in time and how many people in each group. On check point person, we offer two of the game designer stand by at each check point, they will help to explain more of the game. On the game day, we got a problem in check point person, because check point had not got enough person for help, each group of mentor gave a hand for each cheak point and transferred other member for a help.

There is a self-review in above point, it can improve the project we can do better in next time.

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