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BUS303 Business Communication
MODULE 4: Integration and Reflection
Assignment: Self Reflective Course Essay

This Business Communication course has helped me overcome my fear of entering the real world and preparing for my military retirement. Being in the service for all of these years will place a small amount of fear regarding entering the civilian workforce because of the leadership style you are taught in the military. However, with the tools I have gained from this class; I feel that my transition from military life to the civilian sector will be easier than I thought.
We as military personnel have learned how to wear a ...view middle of the document...

I had to find an interest in the Retail Management Business and the information that was being told to me. Overall, it all came down to being a leader and knowing the business inside and out and selling it; just like what being a recruiter “Sales”.
This course also made me revisit on how to write a formal e-mail. I have significantly developed my ability to write a formal e-mail and to communicate professionally through e-mail communication. I definitely achieved the goals of this course.
I experienced a whole new level of teamwork in this course; meaning it was very helpful reading the feedback from the Threaded Discussions because most people are workforce personnel that have had many of the same experiences in life; that was a plus knowing I’m not the only person juggling work, school, and family life.
One of the biggest improvements which I noticed during this course was when I had to create a Power Point. Like I mentioned in the Threaded Discussion, I’ve always had to present one but not be the creator of one that often. So putting together the Power Point was amazing in itself; because as you move up in rank in the military there are some things that you just don’t do that much of and that would be create a Power Point...

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