Self Reflection: Personal Development Plan Essay

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Self Evaluation and Personal Development Plan

Creating a personal development plan involves more than simply contemplating what you want from your life and how to go about achieving it. If you want to create a personal development plan that helps you to achieve your goals, preparation is the key. To prepare, one must have a great deal of self-awareness. This includes clear understanding of personal values and ethics, analyzing personality characteristics, evaluation of learning styles and identifying strengths, weaknesses, motivators, opportunities and threats.

Preparing for this personal development plan has been a thought-provoking study encouraging self-evaluation, ...view middle of the document...

Another key point of self awareness is the knowledge acquired about myself being a moderate internal locus of control. This will help me with personal development planning in terms understanding my natural tendencies and adapting to situations within and outside of my control.

Other self assessments have enabled me to understand my learning style, become more aware of my productivity and stress levels, and how to recognize if I am experiencing burnout. Awareness in all of these topics is crucial and each needs to be considered when staging an effective development plan.

Becoming more self-aware and embracing my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are the first steps to enhancing the quality of my life. Overall, I have potential I have not been using optimally and opportunities for development I have essentially been ignoring. I would like my personal development plan to be a compass; provide direction and help me stay focused on the developmental opportunities. I would also like this plan to be a gauge; a means to track progress and keep me motivated.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses
• I have excellent interpersonal skills and foster good relationships.
• I positively influence others.
• I am a patient, effective and creative in instructional design and training.
• I have very strong values and work ethic.
• I am caring, compassionate and sensitive to others.
• I am altruistic, traditional and supportive.
• I have excellent people-sensing skills.
• I have exceptional communication skills.
• I consistently give people respect, trust, compassion, stability and hope.
• I Have not completed my college education.
• Sometimes distressed situations of others tend to make me be more lenient in my expectations.
• My personality type is moderately introverted so I often repress feelings causing more stress.
• I am moderately bashful; networking is not a natural for the purpose of advancing my career.
• I often overload myself with other people’s work or problems.
Opportunities Threats
• I can complete my college degree with a high GPA.
• I can better manage stress and be diligent in conveying my feelings.
• I can learn and implement networking strategies.
• I can be a positive influence and good role model for others.
• I can educate children or adults.
• I can council children or adults.
• I can use my strength of relationship building to create or lead groups/teams.
• I can positively influence others, promote ideas and establish visions that can positively impact individuals, teams and work environment.
• I can mediate conflict resolution, helping others work through problem situations.
• I can model organizational values and coach others by leading by example.
• I am more limited in many career developmental opportunities because I have not completed my college degree.
• I am at higher risk for stress because I repress feelings and do not manage stress well.
• I am higher...

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