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Self Reflection On Business English Essay

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Self Reflection on Business English
This semester I took classes from my dear teacher Linda Wu, and enjoyed good times watching the exciting and entertaining reality show The Apprentice.
As we all known, The Apprentice is an American reality show hosted by real estate magnate, businessman and television personality Donald Trump. The show often starts with 16 to 18 business people competing in an elimination competition. The final prize is a one-year, $250,000 starting contract to run one of Trump's companies. As a symbol of the show, each episode typically ends with Trump eliminating one of the contestants with the words, "You're fired".
Different from the Celebrity Apprentice, The ...view middle of the document...

As usual, the participants in season 10 were still divided into 2 groups, working separately as men’s team and women’s team. Men called themselves “Octane”, which is colloquially used as a short form of “octane rating”, the ability of reducing the engine knock, to show their anti-pressure ability. Women called themselves “Fortitude”, which refers to persons being brave calm and uncomplaining when they have experience something unpleasant or painful.
In episode 3, the two teams were asked to organize and manage a doggy day care, create an attractive and satisfying way to serve the customers. James was the leader and finally Fortitude win the game because of their excellently more creative, more effective and smoother demonstration hosted by group leader Tyana, who has worked as a sales representative. On the other hand, since the owner hated the job that the men's team did and felt that James showed him a lack of respect by repeatedly ignoring his requests, James were finally fired as a frustrated leader.
In addition, the conflicts in each team were aggravated in this project. In the team Octane, James prevented David from asking questions in the meeting with the owner because of his rebellion and recklessness, which infuriated David and made him more aggressive. In the team Fortitude, although they were the winner, Liza throw Poppy under the bus in the boardroom, which made her a target of the team and got attacked; Tyana’s refusing Mahsa to work the reception also angered Mahsa which put herself into the dilemma in the coming episode 4.
In this episode the two teams were asked to develop a guerrilla marketing stunt—a viral video for Popcorn Indiana. This time the leaders of the two teams were Clint and Mahsa, and Octane win the project for their popcorn-fighting video was more entertaining and absorbing, which fit the require of the guerrilla marketing and a viral video. On the contrary, Fortitude, the women’s team, had have a better idea – eating popcorn in the gym, but the executives feel that it seemed more like a commercial and didn’t focus on the right demographic. The conflicts between the teammates also turn white-hot. At Octane, David had to withdraw from the task at the start of the day because of his broken teeth, although in my opinion it helped the men win the project to some degree. At Fortitude, the frictions among Tyana, Mahsa and Liza brought them to the boardroom and finally Tyana was fired for her complaining about the team’s concept and effectively being disloyal, while having no ideas for the video herself and no contributions to the team.
Season 10 maybe was the most aggressive season I’ve ever seen. People survived the financial crisis build themselves a kind of weirdoes with intense and distrustful, which made them distinctive and impressive but negative. Here comes the in-depth analysis about...

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