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Self Leadership Essay

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Running Head: Self Leadership

Literature review
The meaning and importance of self leadership has become apparent in the past two decades and this is attributable to several diverse changes that are taking place in the world today. Changes such as need for organizational suppleness, innovativeness and learning skills have resulted to organizations in various industries competing to achieve the most effective management of resources to empower their operations. Management training has gained focus on self leadership as there is need for companies to acquire human resource who are able to cope to the ...view middle of the document...

The second model is the Total Wellness Model which involves the release of energy from good self leadership by an individual to make possible the exploitation of unused resources within us to bring change, growth and development in the environment within which we operate.
Studies have shown that different people show different responses to opportunities on shared leadership that are available to them. (Gurdner & Pierce 1998) in their studies found out that employees who posses self efficacy attributes in their personality are more likely to take responsive decision making besides possessing self leadership strategies. This studies were further advanced by (Yun, Cox &Sims 2006), who acknowledged that such individuals desire to have control and influence over their work. It has also been found out that self efficient persons also have a lot of faith in ability to achieve whatever it is that they want to accomplish.
People who have self leadership are directed by their personality, persistence in situations of adversity and continuous renewal of their thinking patterns (Manz &Sims, 1999). In addition, they have great innovative skills and as such self motivated to bring change within the organization of their operation (Carmeli et al, 2006).
Self leadership is built on two strong theoretical frame works namely the social cognitive theory and social learning theory (Bandura, 1977). The social learning theory outlines how people’s motivations, behaviors and cognition can be influenced through their interaction with the environment that serves as a source of information and motivation (Satterfield &Davidson, 2000). The social cognitive theory on the other hand which stemmed out of the social learning theory posits that an individual’s acquired knowledge is directly related to experiences and influences within the context of social interaction. These theories form the basis for developments in many researches that have been carried out to advance studies on self leadership. (Bandura, 1988), in an experiment he carried out to determine the effects of aggression, found out that individuals are accustomed to reenact behaviors they directly learn hence reinforcing behaviors. These two theories boil down to a theory of personality that asserts that one’s environment forms the attributes of that individual.
Based on the social cognitive and social learning theories, three strategies have been advanced that influence self leadership. These strategies are Natural reward, Behavioral focused and Constructive thought strategy. Foremost, the natural reward strategy helps people to create an enjoyable atmosphere in their surrounding environment. (Deci &Ryan, 1985) suggest that natural reward strategy increases intrinsic motivation, self determination and competence. On the other hand, the behavior-focused strategies facilitate the management of own personal behavior. According to (Neck &Houghton, 2006), behavioral management...

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