Self Introdution Essay

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My childhood
I grew up at small town in Korea. My family is consist of my dad, my mom, three older sisters and me. I remember my childhood was happy. I spent time with my sisters and they took care of me well. Especially My third sister was very close to me. Wherever she went, she used to hang me out together. My family is kind of big family in my country. At that time I didn’t like it but now I realize it made my childhood abundant.
I liked reading book a lot. My sister said in her memory I was reading all the time. I liked specially novel. My mom bought me the series of world literature. I read whole the books. And I also liked imagining about the story that I read. One day, I was reading ‘Gone with the wind’. I stopped it and went to the restroom. After that I went to living room. My family was watching TV. I told them “Why did you turn the TV channel?” they didn’t understand what I was saying because they were watching the same show for 30 minutes. I was realized it ...view middle of the document...

I was born as the youngest of four daughters.
I became a Christian when I was second grade of university. I traveled in India for 2 months. At that time I decided to do mission of God. Finally I could go to India 2003 as missionary. I had stayed there for 2 years. The village that I lived was very countryside but there are big populations. 70 % of the population is Muslim. Muslim society is very conservative so I could not go out by myself because I am woman. I learned Hindi language. It was not easy to learn other language. But Hindi has similar sequence of Korean. So I could learn quickly. I could have many Indian friends.
I spent hard time there because the circumstances were so different from Korea. And I felt lonely many time. I missed my family, my Korean friends, and my Korean church. It was not convenient to live there. Everything was different of Korea; Language, food, house, climate, and people. Especially the city was countryside. There was not modern restaurant. When I arrived at the city, I had only modern clothes. If I wore those, all the city people would look at me. (Even though when I wore India traditional clothes, they looked at me a lot.) So I had to make India traditional costume. The processing was like that; First, I went to clothes market. And I bought the fabric. Second, I visited tailor to ask making my clothes. The tailor measured my size. Third, I needed to wait until my clothes were completed. But between waiting, I had to make sure that the tailor was making my clothes. (If I didn’t do that, they never keep the promise. India people say the one of the best liar in the world is India tailor.) After three weeks I got my new India traditional clothes. They were so beautiful. Whenever Korean visitor saw those, people envied me.
When I had to go long distance place, I used public bus. But If I wanted to move on to other village in same city, I used rickshaw. I was sitting back sit and the rickshaw man rid me. Many times I met rickshaw men slimmer than me. At that time I felt sorry. They looked very hard. I thought there were several generation in India from 18th century to 21st century. It is very interesting.
After I stayed for 2 years, I went back to Korea. I remember the hardship time but I miss India. I hope some day I could go there again.

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