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Self Identity Essay

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Self Identity
Culture describes the way a certain people lives. It conveys information about how people make their houses, dress, communicate, eat, learn, work, find justice, entertained and find companionship. On the other hand, identity describes things that make a certain individual unique from all other people. They are the characters that are different only to you. Self-analysis is the process of examining and studying emotions, personality and the behavior of a specific individual. It seeks to understand the conscious and subconscious mind of an individual. With everybody born unique, people are born into families that were born into other families. Culture of an individual or a ...view middle of the document...

Having been brought up in a Christian background, I was taught that I should always uphold my morals and integrity in every undertake. I met many people who preferred bribing their way to getting the jobs or even tenders. Been exposed to such situations was hard but with the background I have it was pretty easy to do the right thing.
As a well-educated individual, I believe I am well qualified to chair the committee. I have also had previous experience of chairing such committees which make me the right candidate for the job. My Christian upbringing also places me in a position whereby I will be able to uphold integrity of the committee. Without integrity, it is pretty simple and obvious that the society will experience major hiccups. Hard work is also an attribute that will be necessary in the execution of my duties. For the above reasons, I believe that my cultural background will positively affect the job I do.
In the world we are living in, it is important to have an inner connection with oneself. In the corporate world, this is always a requirement where each day experience shapes one for the next day. This way an individuals’ personality is always developing. Self-analysis helps one to know oneself in a manner that is much more intense. It helps one in decision-making, helping one to be able to make decisions easily and solely. It is important to continue with self-analysis even after the initial phase and keep supervising oneself for optimum self-growth.
Diversity is always an important aspect of an individual’s lives. Learning the world in a multifaceted manner rather than...

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